Trick or Treat by Morena Morena


It’s that time of year again!!! Halloween and trick or treating.

The time when our children go from door to door begging, yes!!! This is what they do and yes this is what we encourage them to do. It is fun for our children and let’s be honest whatever they collect we also indulge in the odd sweets.

Traditionally, trick or treating was a Celtic tradition of celebrating the end of the year by dressing up as evil spirits. The Celts believed that, as we moved from one year to the next, the dead and the living would overlap, and demons would roam the earth again. So dressing up as demons was a defence mechanism. If you encountered a real demon roaming the Earth, they would think you were one of them. This moved onto children and poor people dressing up in costumes and going from door to door begging for food or money, in exchange for songs and prayers.  I am not going to go in depth about the full history.

My child is now 12 and still wants to trick or treat.  He is rather tall for his age and feels a little embarrassed but still has the brain of a child. I have agreed to accompany him and some of his friends.  Wow trick or treating I thought those days were over. Since he was a toddler, I have dragged myself from street to street with him and yes, I have dressed up. This year I refused to dress up. I have been a ghost, cat women, demon etc  and one year I joined him as a pumpkin and yes I did it. Was I embarrassed? Of course I was but I was also happy to see his face as I wobbled on the street alongside of him as Mama pumpkin and baby pumpkin.  The year I was cat woman, was a year to remember as my child collected sweets, I collected dates. Seriously, I was in black  leather from top to bottom and my figure was amazing at the time.

So, black was the call of the day but I am no longer a size 10 and finding a date? Mmm probably not going to happen. Still wearing black however,  Black trousers, a black top and jacket and a pair of the Morena loafers. The choices are endless. Leonora has a Pelga loafer mmm,  in a luscious rich black suede.

Too much black!!!  Then – Maybe the Manuela in black and gold. To view the collection go on Beyond the Galleries and buy.

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