The Old Goat’s Recipes Number2

The Old Goat’s Recipes Number2


Comfort Food for Winter Cold

We are now into the shooting season and my kitchen has turned itself into providing a lot of warm comfort food. I have been making beef stew with dumplings for the shoot and all the guns hug me after their lunch and kiss me cos I gave them Custard.

To keep people happy feed them what they want .

Shin Of Beef
I mix beef shin with cubes of casserole beef and this makes for a rich sauce and tastier meat . Cooked on a low heat for 5 hours. I mix horseradish sauce and fresh parsley into the dumpling mix to give a bit more interest to the dumplings . Place them on top of the stew 30 mins before serving. Take the lid off for 15 mins at the end and watch them crunch up.

Brisket of Beef Casserole
Today I want to open up your eyes and hearts to an old cut of meat that is so rarely used and to my mind is better than the best: Brisket . It is a cut of meat that is very old fashioned but when done properly is simply the best. I asked my butcher to slice this joint into 4 slices as I had an idea as to how to serve it with the root veggies from my garden. So I put the 4 slices into a baking tray with some beef stock and a couple of bay leaves covered and left to cook gently for 3 hours.
Meanwhile in a cast iron pot peel the root veggies, chop into mouth sized pieces add salt and pepper 2 tablespoons of olive oil and massage all together with the greatest weapons in the kitchen – your hands! Add 2 teaspoons of water cover and cook at a low heat for 3/4 hour. Then add green leafy veg, broccoli, or spinach, beans whatever you have or prefer, stir and place back for another 1/2 hour. The reason for only a small amount of water is that the veggie juices start to flow in the cooking and the flavours are more intense. I learned this in France. They are great at one pot meals and I have learned a lot from them, the power of herbs, and matching flavours. When then brisket is cooked, gently put it on top of the veggies with the juices and after another 1/2 hour in the oven with the lid off serve in the middle of the table and be proud of yourself.

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