Talula Little – Lisa Writes on Relieving Back Ache with Yoga for Feeding Mums

Talula Little – Lisa Writes on Relieving Back Ache  with Yoga for Feeding Mums

How to relieve those nasty all too common upper back aches from feeding baby

Whether you are breast or bottle feeding we often end up hunched over our babies staring lovingly into their eyes while they feed, or if this is the 8th latch of the day you are falling asleep!

First off, the most important thing is to get your positioning right. Sit comfortably, with the right support, make sure you have plenty of cushions for your back, one for your baby to lay on if you need him/her higher and one that most people forget, one for your feet, you want your knees in line with your hips, think 90 degree angles all the time. Avoid crossing your legs, its terrible for your hips and after pregnancy your hips are still finding their way back to ‘normal’.

Once your seating is sorted, move your attention towards gentle exercise. A few of my favourite poses to do to release tension in the shoulders and upper back are; shoulder rolls, Child’s pose and cat/cow:

Shoulder rolls

  • Begin very slow
  • Roll the shoulders backwards in a circular motion
  • Sync the movement with your breath, inhale the shoulders up and over, exhale the shoulders back and down.
  • Do this as many times as you need and the repeat the process rolling the shoulders forward.

Kneeling on the floor..

Child’s pose

  • Knees apart big toes touching, sit back on your heals
  • Bringing your bum as close to your heals as possible allowing your hips to relax towards the floor (you can pace a cushion under the bum for support if needed)
  • Walk your hands forward and lower your head to the floor, if your forehead doesn’t reach the floor use a pillow
  • Keep your forearms off the ground for a deeper stretch into the shoulders.
  • Stay hear for at least 5 long breaths, counting to 5 as you inhale and 5 as you exhale

From Childs pose..

Cat / Cow

  • Come up onto hands and knees
  • Exhale round the spine bringing chin to chest
  • Inhale point the tailbone to the sky looking up arching the back

Do these exercises daily as a simple but effective way to avoid stiff shoulders and bad posture. As you progress on your postnatal journey you can add more challenging stretches.

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