Sports Inspired Morena Morena  A Must to go the Extra Mile

Sports Inspired Morena Morena  A Must to go the Extra Mile


Design meets Exercise and Foot Health

Who doesn’t love a sport shoe? Sport shoes started off as the plimsoll back in 1832 and worn mainly by children. We have come a long way since the plimsoll.  We now have football trainers, basketball trainers and it goes on and on. I love my sport shoes,  but I can’t wear them with everything. Companies such as Nike, Addidas, Converse, Reebok and many more have numerous designs and colours but they still look like a sport shoe.

I wanted the comfort of a sport shoe but the design of a fashion shoe. I wanted to pair them with that little short skirt or dress, a pair of jeans or shorts. I wanted versatility but unfortunately versatile and fashionability, was not to be found until I discovered Morena Morena casual sports. I know what you are thinking, they are solely casual sports but what else can I do in them?

Well ladies, I purchased a pair of the Morena Beige Rhea casual sports shoe and I was stunned at the versatility of the shoes. I did my everyday activities in them, oh you know the shopping, the school run, the house work and running from place to place and they did not bother my feet once. I actually forgot I was wearing them.

I decided to try it out at the gym and was pleasantly surprised how versatile they were.  Clearly, I am not the type to run a marathon but my hour training in the gym was a breeze and my Morena Morena Sports Rhea’s did not let me down. No more changing into a pair of trainers. I can get on with my day and go to the gym in the same pair of shoes.

I wondered why this was even possible. Well, Morena Morena sports insole is the reason, and the fact that they fold for travel makes them flexible.  I have subsequently purchased two more pairs the blue Ludia and the Red Mara. They match so many of my outfits and are perfect for those busy days on my feet and let’s face it, can’t have enough Morena Casual Sports! I can now go to the Gym and leap in the car to my next appointment without changing my shoes and still look fashionabl4e.

The best part they come in so many colours and design and are truly beautiful and comfortable. I can’t imagine being without my Morena  Morena Casual Sports a must for the Modern Active Ladies Wardrobe.

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