Spark up your summer entertaining with the Revolutionary fold down SpaceGrill Gas Barbecue

Spark up your summer entertaining with the Revolutionary fold down SpaceGrill Gas Barbecue

Space Grill is an Interior and Garden Designers space saving dream.  With its very clean and contemporary aesthetic, SpaceGrill offers designers an outdoor cooking solution which is both elegant and incredibly space efficient making it ideal where outdoor living space is limited or where a visually discrete outdoor cooking solution is sought.  Designed to be mounted to a wall or other vertical load bearing structure, it simply folds down when not in use – protruding a mere from where mounted. Thanks to a patented design feature, SpaceGrill is easily lifted up when needed for cooking, and just quickly folds down following use.

The latest model contains thermocouple valves, which automatically cut off gas supply should the flame be extinguished by the elements. While SpaceGrill though is primarily intended for outdoor use, given the fluid nature of outdoor and indoor living spaces, this feature permits use in spaces that might by law be classified as indoor, such as enclosed balconies. It can be converted to operate off mains gas, so purely indoor use is actually feasible when combined with an extractor fan, offering a dedicated indoor grill when required, as well as introducing a bit of theatre, say if mounted to an indoor island with seating for guests.

While being highly space efficient when folded down, SpaceGrill delivers a very impressive cooking area (64cm x 48cm), so it is not only suitable for family entertaining, but can easily cater for larger gatherings. Powered by three high performance stainless steel burners together generating 10.5kW, the cooking area consists of two parts: a chef-grade stainless steel grill plus a ceramic coated cast iron hotplate (ridged on one side and flat on the reverse). The inclusion of a hotplate as standard is uncommon, and offers great versatility: perfect for searing, sautéing and much, much more, including delicate foods that you could not contemplate cooking on a stainless steel grill.

Another nice design feature is the high grade stainless steel cover – with bamboo handle – which converts to a splashback when in use and then back to a lid cover afterwards, neatly enclosing SpaceGrill when folded down in storage mode. While the splashback prevents cooking residue or splashes marking rear walls or structures, it has also been designed and vigorously tested to ensure there is no heat transference from SpaceGrill to the wall or any other suitable load bearing structure that it might be mounted to.

As well as being very is easy to use, SpaceGrill’s patented internal drip system makes it very easy to clean as well. A detachable tray pivots under the SpaceGrill as its position changes, so that any cooking residue collects in every position from horizontal cooking mode right through to its vertical storage position. It also captures all cleaning run off, which can then be easily disposed of by detaching the tray.

Made from high grade 443 stainless steel, the exterior is designed to cope with both salt and moisture, so able to easily withstand the English weather. It also comes with an Oxford cloth cover, ensuring still further protection. In addition, SpaceGrill is simple to unlock and lift off its mounting bracket. Given its compact body, this allows indoor storage during winter months or if absent from home for extended periods. Additional mounting brackets – as well as a portable stand – make it possible to relocate SpaceGrill to a holiday home with minimal fuss.  Delivered pre-assembled, SpaceGrill is similarly fuss free to install at the outset, only needing the mounting bracket to be affixed to a suitable exterior wall or other 50kg load bearing structure.

The latest SpaceGrill model has already received plaudits, winning the Gas Barbeque Category at the prestigious Vesta Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, while its forbearer was an Australian Good Design Award winner in 2016 and a finalist in the Furniture & Product Design category of last year’s Design Week Awards in the UK.

For those seeking a highly innovative barbecue that incorporates stunning space efficiency with incredibly functional, but design-led aesthetic, please visit



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