Shoes  With a Difference – to Dazzle and Dance the Night Away this Summer

Shoes  With a Difference – to Dazzle and Dance the Night Away this Summer


Morena Morena Launch with Us

Morena Morena would like to introduce you to a new innovative style of shoes which they believe will be of great interest to you.

MORENA MORENA (“MM”) is a British fashion company founded in 2012 that designs, manufactures and distributes designer shoes under the MORENA MORENA™ brand. The brand stands for sport inspired luxury footwear. With offices in London and Hong Kong the company currently exports across Europe and Asia

A key aspect of “Morenas” is the fitting of an impact protection insole material that is commonly used in sport footwear to provide unmatched comfort and freedom on the walk.

“Morenas” have a short heel designed to provide optimal support and may help to relieve tired  and prevent feet and back pain. All shoes are fitted with full leather lining of sheep skin to provide a smooth and soft touch with your feet at all times. You will always recognize “Morenas” by their unique out-sole. The foldable design enables you to quickly and easily put Morenas on or take them off and slipping them into your purse, suitcase or your briefcase. The distinctive out-sole is coloured and scented to always provide a pleasant and clean experience at all time.

Co-founder and Head Designer Noemy Do-Carmo needed to seek solace from stylish shoes that hurt her and to ease the complexities of a fast urban life style and global travel.

Noemy, a Brazilian native with a CV in Fashion that includes roles at Lacoste, Gucci and Louis Vuitton which entailed living around the world, and she was used to running from meeting to meeting, plane to plane in teetering heels.

Noemy needed comfortable and practical shoes, but in her role as a designer that had to be  without losing the all-important style and sense of design. Thus  Neomy decided  she  needed a pair of ultra-chic and comfortable flats, which she could put on and scoop off – simple, easy luxury, wherever she would wander.

Noemy’s background laid the foundation to the creation of Morenas. Her childhood took place in an impoverished part of Brazil, where children made their own toys and where there was a stark lack of influence from the “modern world”. This greatly shaped her creativity and inspiration. Always a leader and a curious, rebellious young girl, Noemy left Brazil for London in her teens.

There she passionately embarked on a mission to become a model and a fashion designer. She graduated at the London School of Fashion, and completed studies in fashion design at the American Fashion School, and at the Central St. Martins, London.

Applying her imagination and childhood determination, Noemy is the co-founder of Morena Morena and has since been crafting the most beautiful shoes that we can enjoy in a comfortable and convenient way. Every year she produces a plethora of different styles and ideas for us to enjoy and gain the comfort of her innovative footwear design that is a comfort to the feet and an aesthetic to the eye.

The Bulk of her Current Summer Collection for Ladies and Men in both Fashion and Sports shoes are listed on our Beyond the Galleries direct selling website. To have a full look at the collection please click on the link MORENA to go through and purchase.  Morena Morena in their generosity on Launching their product with us are giving Beyond the Galleries and Windows to the World Followers a 20% Launch offer off all the range.  Please use morena20 at the checkout to take this 20% offer off any shoes you buy with us today. This offer is open until 31st August 2018 to Purchase please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries

Go on give yourself a Morena Moment today.

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