Shell of Soul   by Joy Wisdom

Shell of Soul   by Joy Wisdom

The consequences of past life influences and health

Shell of Soul is Joy’s second book

In this book she looks at the consequences of life from a different angle. Where, what we create today will become our future, warts and all. It is what we have done in our past that comes back to haunt us in many different ways. Physically, emotionally and psychologically and we thought we understood the consequences of karma. Karma fades into the background once we start looking at ourselves from the inside out.

What we do today has an impact on our future life

As our past (lives) have impact upon today (our present life)

We are the creation our past, present and future

Have you ever wondered why some of us cope with life better than others? How is it that some fair better in health than their peers or siblings. The same mother and father but the different outcomes?

Joy developed a theory many years ago that has proved positive.   We are different because of the lives we have lived.  The emotional, physical and mental aspects and impacts felt in our history have shaped us to be who we are today.

Some of us have experienced many lives others less; the physical disorders which affected us in our history may well be influencing us now. For instance if we have lives of hard labour and toil we will be more prone to aches and pains, cold temperatures affects us more, old wounds unhealed, emotionally and physically. We can be suffering from any combination of the following: neck, shoulder and throat issues may come from lives where we have been hanged, decapitated or had our throat cut.  Back pain may come from accidents, injury from falls, war and battle wounds.   Headaches may come from previous injuries to the head, helmets restricting expansion.  Emotionally we carry wounds and scars through the ages. Closing our hearts to love, setting a foundation for further unhappy relationships with patterns of no self esteem or self worth that still plagues us today.

Joy has discovered through her Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (DARE) techniques that past events are very much at play and influencing each one of us daily.  Long forgotten have been the impacts from memory, however the imprints and triggers are still involved in our psyche and cellular levels being influenced in our physical posture, emotional and cognitive behaviour.  Over the last ten years Joy has developed techniques to deal with the unseen impacts and imprints turning diagnosis on its head. Giving explanations where there was none.     Allowing individuals to be pain free …  Now that is a concept worth looking at!

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