Secrets of Life – Self Discovery

Secrets of Life – Self Discovery




Joy Wisdom presents

DARE Therapy Induction

A new Vision of Health, Happiness and Future Destiny

Leeds 10th – 14th November 2017 – Holiday Inn


Did you know the biggest SECRET is YOU?  Find out at a Combined Transformational Workshop to deliver the new You. What are the hidden factors lived subconsciously via Generational Inheritance Absorption and Trauma?  These factors are responsible for PTS, Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Lack of Abundance, Self Esteem and a long list of Health Issues.

STOP Managing and Coping.

Find Out what is limiting YOU – Transform your life with Rebirth of the Heart, Mind and Body enhancing New Living, Learning and Spiritual Development.  This exceptional 5 day Course is LIFE CHANGING as Joy Says: Ditch it Don’t Live It!

For more details of these courses or to book these courses please contact Joy Wisdom on or via her website More information on the course can be obtained by clicking this link

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