SECRETS With Joy Wisdom

SECRETS With Joy Wisdom

A Revolutionary Body, Mind and Spirit workshop. 

A transformational world stage training.

14-18th April  At The Queens Hotel Leeds 

Times 10 a.m.-5.50 p.m.  each day 

Cost £575.00  

Includes manual, certificate and 3x CD for home tuition 

All courses are CPD approved 


SECRETS – the only workshop that gives and continues to give long after the workshop has finished

Transformational body, mind and spirit journey that climbs mountains, jumps hurdles of life, left by ancients. an IGTA (via Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption.) SECRETS helps to eradicate limitation, handicap and opens doors to new life.  Allows individuals to remove generational restraints and puts them on the ladder to their goal of achievement for this life script.


An Inspirational 3 or 5 Day, opportunity to improve psychological and biological function. Learn new skills for self, family and clients.

Jettison past absorption from family and foetal origins via Inherited Generational Trauma.  Highlighting influences, barriers and handicaps that are lived, but not yours to live, eliminate for healthier outcomes.  Learn about stress hormones and brain pathways that continue the status quo of ancients.

We are the biggest SECRET – What makes you tick?

Science has linked transference and generational coping (IGTA) via Holocaust victims. However, it is a global issue that affects us all in small and larger ways, via living family Karma, fear, anxiety that affects our self-esteem, behaviour actions and reactions – who’s are you living?

Find out in this workshop.

Learn How, Why and Who is responsible

Let’s Get Started

Change your life around with SECRETS

A workshop that pushes barriers and eliminates old ways of living.  Connect to your inner GOLD.   Learn how to avoid generational Karma, enhance inner connections. Upshift and receive all forms of abundance with SECRETS of Life.

Includes manual, CPD certificate and 3 CD’s for home development

Bring blanket and pillow for daily enhanced clearings

To apply to join this work shop Please Click this Link

If you cannot make this date above: See Joy’s website for additional dates and alternative workshops

 This Workshop interfaces with revolutionary D.A.R.E Therapy induction programme.

Attend IGTA workshop 11.3.2018 and receive a £40.00 voucher off this course

Testimonials of  Past Participants

“The workshop has been amazing.   I loved every second, feel I have so much to learn and want to continue with my development with Joy and learn more skills. Helen”


“ Another life changing experience at Joy’s workshops.  Amazing clearings are included daily. Gave me more hope, faith and trust than I have ever had in my life. I take with me a NEW ZEST of life. Nikki”


“I take so much from my 3-day attendance.The most profound for me, is learning to identify the messages received via our 6th senses and how best to act on them. Nasim”.

See Joy Wisdom You tube videos on various topics 

Read her New Book Mirror Image   to find out more click on this link or click through to view on line on Joy’s Website

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