Be Right In The Cuckoo’s Nest with CJ Birdfood

Be Right In The Cuckoo’s Nest with CJ Birdfood

Watch the Resident Cuckoo on Webcam

We have a new webcam for you all! A cuckoo has laid an egg in a Reed Warbler’s nest giving us an exciting chance to watch the chick being raised by another species of bird.

Cuckoos do not tend to their own nests but will lay an egg in another bird’s nest and then leave the foster parents to raise the cuckoo chick. The first thing the chick will do when it hatches is to kick the rest of the eggs out of the nest so that it is the only mouth left to feed. The chick will grow to enormous size providing interesting viewing when the much smaller foster parents are still feeding the giant chick.

The cuckoo has adapted and gathered a huge amount of information over the years allowing it to lay an egg the colour and size to match those of the ones that are already in the nest they have chosen to use as a host for their egg. Different cuckoos can lay eggs of many different colours and patterns but each individual female cuckoo can only lay eggs in one colour. This means that different female cuckoos will specialise on a particular host species.
We are looking forward to watching the nest, the chick and the foster parents once the egg hatches and the chick starts to grow!

Watch the live Cuckoo  Just click through on this link


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