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Offers & Competitions

Shibumi’s January Online Clearance Sale!

Hurry While Stocks Last

Happy New Year to you from us all at Shibumi! What better way to start the New Year than with a New You? As their valued customer they want you to be the first to hear that they’ve just launched their January Clearance Sale! They are clearing stock sizes and with so much to choose from – including jackets, coats, shawls and casual wear, as well as several unseen hidden gems (!)

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Connect to Your Inner Gold

Wisdom, Inspirational strategies, enhanced life skills and powerful emotional ditching. Jettison Inherited trauma (IGTA). Connect to your inner Gold and new App for amazing changes.

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New Book Mirror Image by Joy Wisdom

Psychological studies show that we carry mental influences that are not necessarily from our own experience. Essentially, we inherit trauma and stress.  Dependent upon hormonal response, foetal memories can be passed down from generation to generation, changing and bypassing hard wiring of the brain. Transferring memories which can become an emotional default and even used as coping strategies for our life.

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Collaborators Articles

Morrows Outfitters Join Anna Dempsey

Stylish Socks for the Silly Season from Philip Morrow Designer

Most of us might shirk at the idea of getting involved in a family business. The prospect of life within a parent’s business empire doesn’t exactly fill the mind with connotations of financial independence, social freedom and making your own way in the world.

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Shibumi Nehru Jacket – A Grand National Winner 2017

Ruth Guise Designer of Shibumi is again a chosen winner

Ruth Guise designer of Shibumi has again produced a design chosen to shine at another prestigious event. Her Nehru Jacket was selected by one the two lady owners, Belinda MaClung, of the Grand National Winner One For Arthur, as her choice for the Winners Enclosure on Saturday as her Horse came home winning the Grand National 2017.

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Maquien Steal the Fashion Scene

Italian Fashionista Falls in Love with Maquien

Award winning Maquien have attracted the attention of International Fashionista Florence based Anette B. You can read her blog by clicking the link below and you can purchase Maquien on line with us at Beyond the Galleries please click through to purchase

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Fruit Tier – The Great Wedding Gift

In the Age Of Healthy Living Liven up your Life with Fruit Tier

Do you find there is never enough room in your fruit bowl? Do you know what fruit is in the bowl? Have you ever found fruit starting to go mouldy at the bottom of the bowl? Well, that was my fruit bowl until I decided the typical fruit bowl needed to change.

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Sargadelos Porcelain UK Ltd

Sargadelos Porcelain UK Ltd was founded by Cristina Fernandez-Chas, a UK based Galician, in 2015. With the approval and support from Sargadelos in Spain, she aims to introduce their beautiful products into the very competitive porcelain UK market and make them into a well-known brand.

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Planet Basket Launch in London – Black Friday

New London Home for Emily Readett Bayley and Planet Basket

The wicker rattan basket project which Emily Readett Bayley has called “operation PLANET BASKET” now has a permanent home in Notting Hill at 281 Portobello Road where the baskets share space with Wildash London’s beautiful sheep skin shearlings.

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Shibumi Shines Amongst Those Fantastic Beasts

Shibumi Found at European Premier of Those Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Shibumi shines amongst the stars once again. The Cardinal Red Nehru Jacket is worn by Sue Quinn, who poses ,with Georgette Turner, Locations Managers for the Film in front of the celebrated poster on November 18th at the European Premier in London.

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CJ Wildllife – Offer Advice on Feeding for Winter

Preparing for winter

For the next few months the big challenge facing our garden birds is a combination of falling temperatures and long nights that will increase their demand for food, and very short days in which to forage for dwindling supplies of natural food. Add in bad weather and the increased competition from birds that have moved in from much further north or east and it’s easy to understand how winter survival is so difficult.

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