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SpaceGrill Barbeque wins Vesta Awards 2018

SpaceGrill wins prestigious US award

A recipient of the esteemed Australian Good Design award and a finalist in the UK’s 2017 Design Week Awards, SpaceGrill is proud to have claimed a further prestigious award: this year’s winner of the ‘Gas Barbecue’ category at the coveted Vesta Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Collaborators Articles

Maquien New Product Development

White Top for Wimbledon

For that Centre Court moment enter the New Product Development Winner from Maquien. A pure White Linen Top from Maquien with No fastenings, it simply slips over the head to give an elegant summer chic to any outfit. Double this up with their fabulous ….Shirt and Vita Waistcoat it make for a strong choice as your Outfit for that special day amongst the Strawberries, Cream, Champagne and Centre Court Excitement of your day at Wimbledon 2017.

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CJ Wildlife Can Supply Hungry Birds in Summer’s Heat

Food for thought from CJ Wildlife We think of the summer, quite rightly, as a time of plenty, and for that reason some people used to stop providing for wild birds at this time of year. Garden wildlife enthusiasts know that it’s good for wildlife and people if we put out food and water throughout the year. The wildlife benefits because the summer’s productivity also sees lots of inexperienced extra mouths adding to the competition for food, and our tidy, often over managed landscapes sometimes see food sources suddenly mown, flailed or sprayed out of existence. We benefit from having the sound and movement of some of our most attractive wildlife in our gardens at the time of year when we’re most likely to be outside to enjoy it, or at least have the windows open, letting in the natural soundscape. Young birds – and their stressed parents – will appreciate a reliable source of a good quality food such as our Vitality Mix or Premium Sunflower Hearts, which are suitable for practically all species, including Robins and Blackbirds that may not bother with more traditional foods. Putting some on the ground or, better still, bird table will help the less agile, ground feeding species, but for the tits and finches one of our easy to clean Apollo Seed Feeders is a great choice. Peanut cakes, a mix of peanut flour and energy rich tallow, are a great source of energy throughout the year and particularly to the tits, Robins and one of our most attractive and rapidly declining breeding birds: Starlings.  Not everyone appreciates them, sadly, but the... read more

Be Right In The Cuckoo’s Nest with CJ Birdfood

Watch the Resident Cuckoo on Webcam We have a new webcam for you all! A cuckoo has laid an egg in a Reed Warbler’s nest giving us an exciting chance to watch the chick being raised by another species of bird. Cuckoos do not tend to their own nests but will lay an egg in another bird’s nest and then leave the foster parents to raise the cuckoo chick. The first thing the chick will do when it hatches is to kick the rest of the eggs out of the nest so that it is the only mouth left to feed. The chick will grow to enormous size providing interesting viewing when the much smaller foster parents are still feeding the giant chick. The cuckoo has adapted and gathered a huge amount of information over the years allowing it to lay an egg the colour and size to match those of the ones that are already in the nest they have chosen to use as a host for their egg. Different cuckoos can lay eggs of many different colours and patterns but each individual female cuckoo can only lay eggs in one colour. This means that different female cuckoos will specialise on a particular host species. We are looking forward to watching the nest, the chick and the foster parents once the egg hatches and the chick starts to grow! Watch the live Cuckoo  Just click through on this link... read more

CJ Wildlife – Advice for Bird Lovers in Hot Weather

Give Your Birds some Water and Food with CJ Wildlife Products

With the recent soaring temperatures our thoughts are on long summer days, barbeques and beaches. But as we sit back and relax in our gardens with an ice cold drink we should spare a thought for our garden birds who may be struggling to find essential food and water.

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Morrows Outfitters Join Anna Dempsey

Stylish Socks for the Silly Season from Philip Morrow Designer

Most of us might shirk at the idea of getting involved in a family business. The prospect of life within a parent’s business empire doesn’t exactly fill the mind with connotations of financial independence, social freedom and making your own way in the world.

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Shibumi Nehru Jacket – A Grand National Winner 2017

Ruth Guise Designer of Shibumi is again a chosen winner

Ruth Guise designer of Shibumi has again produced a design chosen to shine at another prestigious event. Her Nehru Jacket was selected by one the two lady owners, Belinda MaClung, of the Grand National Winner One For Arthur, as her choice for the Winners Enclosure on Saturday as her Horse came home winning the Grand National 2017.

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Maquien Steal the Fashion Scene

Italian Fashionista Falls in Love with Maquien

Award winning Maquien have attracted the attention of International Fashionista Florence based Anette B. You can read her blog by clicking the link below and you can purchase Maquien on line with us at Beyond the Galleries please click through to purchase

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