The Old Goat’s Recipes  

The Old Goat’s Recipes   

Introducing The Old Goat and her Timelessly Good Recipes Like your Grandma used to Make – Enjoy! 

What’s in  a name!  I hear you ask, but having been the old goat for so long in my house hold,  I have given up fighting it . My poor mother Granny Tigg and Sister, are Granny Goat and Aunty Goat, and the only way we all stop moaning about it is the children (who I call my cubs ) refer to us all as Greatest Of All Time. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

After a career on stage, I married a Herefordshire farmer and found myself in the unknown territory of milking cows and feeding a lot of very hungry faces. In order to help with the running of the farm after having 3 children Sam, Phoebe and Jacob all grown and only one flown!! I knew I had to do something to help out with the income. So, I opened a cafe on the farm and only produced what I grew in my garden, which is alongside a vineyard my father-in- law planted, in 1968.  Choice was not on the menu then, only simple honest food grown around me. If you are interested in more about what goes on here I will share it with you in later blogs as I have many tales to tell after 20 years with dealing with the public.  I became a wedding venue and won cafe of the year 4 years in a row. 20 years have passed and now retired from the public’s gaze, I have rebuilt a veg patch just big enough to grow what we eat all year round. Today I have 3 friends for lunch.

All that they are eating today has come from the garden. Simple, cheap and tasty.  As you can see the salad isn’t anything posh, just what I have grown, and the taste is of childhood days. I had some chicken thighs I bashed with a hammer made for me by my New Zealand grandpa 50 years ago and stuffed them with a knob of butter crushed garlic and fresh thyme, rolled them up in streaky bacon and floured them, egg washed and rolled them in a crushed Wheetabix as I had no bread. (a Great tip from Nadia) . I then shallow fried them and put them in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 mins. I suppose they are mini Kievs . Served with a fresh salad with the dressing my sons make as a business (more on that later). I used  GI brown bread and good quality butter as it makes such a difference.  There you have it:  my first bash at  writing something about this strange world we live in . I am brimming full of ideas for all those who are interested to tickle your taste buds, but as Vanessa Feltz says on her Radio 2 Programme in the early morning: “Hello lovely listener “, but I shall say “hello Lovely Goat Reader”.  Give this first recipe a try and write back to me on Your thoughts.

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