Old Goats Recipes 3 – Kale Chips

Old Goats Recipes 3 – Kale Chips

My home is almost back to its usual chaotic self after the very happy festivities. Like all families, we are not without hassles but pull together and TALK and you would be surprised how things fall into place even when you would swear, they wouldn’t. All are back in their own worlds and I am 3/4 of the way through the shoots here at Broadfield .

We have been living off soups made from left over shoot lunches and they really can be quite tasty if you add a few secrets, i.e. garlic salt, to left over leeks and mash with a veg stock cube, salt crystals and white pepper, served in a mug, a firm favourite with a ham sandwich. Also add Maggi sauce to liven up an oxtail soup or a beef broth. It makes all the difference. All these items cost, very little and fill you up.

I am a great lover of crisps, and we have Tyrrells on our doorstep. OMG they are so good but not for my tummy!!! Phoebe our daughter has ticked me off so many times for nibbling them, so between us we have come up with a solution which she seemed to know all about, and it truly is as good as how awful it sounds!

Kale Chips

In my garden I still have some of last years’ kale so pick a handful or buy a bag from the supermarket and de stalk it, place it on an oven tray and cover in a little olive oil, Paprika, soft brown sugar and sea salt. Scrunch it up in your hands so it is all covered and place in the middle of your oven on a moderate heat: mine is a fan at 150 for about 10 mins. It comes out all crispy and very tasty. I now nibble on that and I’m told I look like Mrs Rabbit! I can’t win, but my tummy is very happy.  Next time I have a real hum dinger for you, but I’ve got to practice it before I share Here’s to you and enjoy:  The Healthy Kale Chips in the meantime and I will be back soon!

Happy New year,


The old Goat

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