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Dissolve and Resolve Emotions with Joy Wisdom

Looking for an exciting new career in health with pioneering Body/Mind cutting edge specialist actions, giving results faster than other modalities.  Find out what adverse trauma does to cause chronic health. Why birth trauma, addiction and depression are linked.

Expand and add to your health care training or

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LEARN NEW LIFE SKILLS FOR 2018 – Connect to you  Inner Gold  

Don’t live with fear, grief, guilt and stress.  Change from the inside out.

It takes courage to change and innovate. Be inspired with alternate ways of living, receive Wisdom, Inspirational strategies, enhanced life skills and powerful emotional ditching. Jettison Inherited trauma (IGTA). Connect to your inner Gold for amazing changes.

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English Utopia 40% Offer

Gary Newbold, the creator of English Utopia and ex-head of Barbour Design has offered 40% off all listed Ladies items of his brand on Beyond the Galleries.  This offer is exclusive to Beyond the Galleries clients onl,y as a result of the special collaborative relationship we have forged with English Utopia and Gary Newbold.

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Shibumi’s January Online Clearance Sale!

Hurry While Stocks Last

Happy New Year to you from us all at Shibumi! What better way to start the New Year than with a New You? As their valued customer they want you to be the first to hear that they’ve just launched their January Clearance Sale! They are clearing stock sizes and with so much to choose from – including jackets, coats, shawls and casual wear, as well as several unseen hidden gems (!)

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Connect to Your Inner Gold

Wisdom, Inspirational strategies, enhanced life skills and powerful emotional ditching. Jettison Inherited trauma (IGTA). Connect to your inner Gold and new App for amazing changes.

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New Book Mirror Image by Joy Wisdom

Psychological studies show that we carry mental influences that are not necessarily from our own experience. Essentially, we inherit trauma and stress.  Dependent upon hormonal response, foetal memories can be passed down from generation to generation, changing and bypassing hard wiring of the brain. Transferring memories which can become an emotional default and even used as coping strategies for our life.

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Gosia Gorna Offers a Special Gifts Course

Make this a Special Christmas Present for Someone

Special Gifts Course – 21st January 2018
Info about Gosia
Gosia Gorna is an award-winning Transformational Coach, Author and Speaker. She is the creator of a pioneering and powerful method for releasing fear; The Expansion Game.

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Transformational Programme SECRETS of Life and D.A.R.E Therapy induction

Jettison the old and embrace transformation

Learn about transference and absorption, hidden Inherited Generational factors, Addictions, Karma, Promises, Vows, allegiance’s that go on to control our lives subconsciously. Involved in lack of self-esteem, poverty consciousness, causing mental health issues, depression and vulnerability.

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