MY BILLET DOUX By Designer Natalia Willmott

MY BILLET DOUX By Designer Natalia Willmott


“The cushion that brings back the art of the love note”

My Billet Doux is a luxurious handcrafted silk cushion embellished with vintage or antique ribbons. There is a pocket to store a notebook or cards and pen that come with it or to hide your heartfelt messages. It tells a story and shares your love and affection.

Throughout time, hand written letters and notes have helped people fall in love, stay connected, build relationships and convey truths. They preserve moments, human history captured forever.

But in today’s digital age, we’ve lost the art of writing personalised messages that last more than a moment. My Billet Doux brings back the thrill and anticipation of receiving a note in a soft, luxurious and unique way.

The Love cushion can be kept on your bed or favourite chair. It makes the ideal gift for a wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday, Christmas, new home or simply to write your own diary. Write a message, a love note in the notebook and wait for it to be discovered. You will have create a keepsake, a heirloom to be cherished forever.

My Billet Doux was created and founded by Natalia Willmott, a Parisian at heart who now lives in Yorkshire. She created a new concept/gift to celebrate the written word, keep romance in our lives and have something beautiful and with history in our homes.

Natalia Studied Art history at the Louvre museum in Paris and then at Oxford University. She worked with a textile dealer in London for many years where her love for beautiful fabrics blossomed. When she moved to York with her family, she created a business around art and antiques and giftware to find unusual items to decorate people’s homes. And then  My Billet Doux was born…

To buy Natalia’s prestigious items click the link to go onto Beyond the Galleries and treat your self to a My Billet Doux moment. The cushions are mostly one off items containing Vintage ribbons and charms they are truly a collector’s item to cherish and gift for that special occasion or event.  Buy one for Christmas.

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