Introducing Co-Founder Lisa of Talula Little with Her Yoga for Mums and Babes

Introducing Co-Founder Lisa of Talula Little with Her Yoga for Mums and Babes

Hi there and welcome to Talula Little! We are family run, UK based and sell ethically and sustainably sourced baby and toddler clothing. All of our products are 100% GOTS Certified meaning we only use the softest and purest Organic Cotton and no harmful chemicals are allowed anywhere near! We promote Yoga through fashion and all of our clothes are Vegan friendly.

Co-founder Lisa is a yoga teacher, and is qualified in both pre and post natal yoga as well as yoga for kids. All of our designs are yoga inspired, yoga is a big part of what we do and is weaved throughout our business. We want to provide fun and engaging clothes for babies and children as well as offer a slice of wellbeing, inspiration and calm to parents. As such, we offer new mums the opportunity to download free post natal yoga ebooks. Simply SUBSCRIBE below

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Our entire collection is designed for a baby’s soft and developing skin, including eczema sufferers. Each design has uniquely illustrated yoga poses, inspired by our own little yoga baby.

Lisa Writes for you Today:

Time for you, mama


You spent 9 months pregnant; eating, drinking and exercising for your baby. Now baby is here and your focus is on how much is baby eating/drinking, sleeping and of course.. pooing (who would have thought that would be a conversation topic?!) But mama, what about you? I want you to know that, You. Are. Important. Yes all the gifts are for your little bubba and everyone visiting wants a cuddle; with the baby. But you are the one giving life and your life needs sustaining.

Do yourself a favour today and when your baby naps, whether that is in your lap or in their bed (triumph!) I want you to sit. Sit comfortably. Turn off the TV. Forget about the washing. Forget about the laundry. Think only about you. If your hands are free, place one on your heart centre and one on your belly. Close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath. Allow your hands to rise and fall with every inhale and exhale. Slow you breathing to a steady, even pace. Begin to count to 5 on your inhale and 5 on your exhale. Stay here, with your breath. Relax the face, unclench the jaw and release the eyebrows. Let the face be soft. Bring your attention to your third eye. Breathe.

Aim to stay here for 5-7 minutes or as long as possible for you and your baby.

Don’t forget to subscribe at for FREE post -natal yoga and grab your bubba cosy organic yoga inspired clothes that will serve as a reminder for you to take care and keep moving.

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