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SECRETS With Joy Wisdom

 A Revolutionary Body, Mind and Spirit workshop. 

A transformational world stage training.

14-18th April  At The Queens Hotel Leeds 

Times 10 a.m.-5.50 p.m.  each day 

Cost £575.00

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Anna’s Story – Purple Dead Nettle – A Friend not a Foe

Explore the Health Qualities of the Purple Dead Nettle

You’ve probably seen purple dead-nettle growing at one time or another, even if you didn’t realize it. This common plant that’s native to Europe and Asia,  and  it is  very widespread. If you start paying more attention to the plants around you the next time you go for a walk, odds are, you’ll see it growing. It is one of those plants that when you see its image, you immediately recognize it, you just didn’t know what it was called.

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The Power of Love weekend with Joy Wisdom

  Revolutionary One Love Healing Diamond Ingus -New Healing modality to awaken the HEART Neutralise hurts and awaken deeper areas of heart to embrace inner peace. 17-18th March Queens Hotel Leeds OR 24-25th March Isbourne Cheltenham Weekend Times – 10-5.30pm Bring a blanket and pillow for wondrous clearings Cost £225.00.          Deposit £50.00 To Book click this link Includes manual, certificate and free DVD.  CPD approved Founder Joy Wisdom This Course in the words of its Founder Above: ‘Helps to keep us out of emotion and live life above the parapet of... read more

Anna’s Story – Can Alternative Health Care  Provide Healthy Teeth and Tooth Decay Prevention?

 Reverse Dental Cavities Naturally & Remineralize Teeth At Home

With 92% of US adults aged 20 to 64 experiencing cavities in their permanent teeth, it’s no surprise that many people are seeking alternatives to the traditional and costly ‘drill and fill’ route. I am all in favour of reducing my visits to the dentist and have given the advice below a try.  Read on and see if it suits your needs:

There are plenty of anecdotal stories which claim that tooth decay has been stopped or reversed by natural methods. But do these approaches work? Is it even possible to heal cavities?

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A New Book Talk from Joy Wisdom – On her Latest Book

Saturday 10th March 2018 At 2-4pm

At The Queens Hotel Leeds

 Joy Wisdoms Talks about her  Latest Book:

Mirror Image – Facts and Solutions of Inherited Generational Transference and Absorbption

  Come and Hear  Joy’s jaw dropping content as to why we are living high levels of psychological issues?  Why abuse and intolerance is still around us? How Cyber tech influences psychologically?  Find out why chronic health issues such as Cancer is on the increase? These questions have an answer if you come and listen.

 New alternative cutting- edge Therapy from Joy  Wisdom

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Dissolve and Resolve Emotions with Joy Wisdom

Looking for an exciting new career in health with pioneering Body/Mind cutting edge specialist actions, giving results faster than other modalities.  Find out what adverse trauma does to cause chronic health. Why birth trauma, addiction and depression are linked.

Expand and add to your health care training or

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Shell of Soul   by Joy Wisdom

The consequences of past life influences and health Shell of Soul is Joy’s second book In this book she looks at the consequences of life from a different angle. Where, what we create today will become our future, warts and all. It is what we have done in our past that comes back to haunt us in many different ways. Physically, emotionally and psychologically and we thought we understood the consequences of karma. Karma fades into the background once we start looking at ourselves from the inside out. What we do today has an impact on our future life As our past (lives) have impact upon today (our present life) We are the creation our past, present and future Have you ever wondered why some of us cope with life better than others? How is it that some fair better in health than their peers or siblings. The same mother and father but the different outcomes? Joy developed a theory many years ago that has proved positive.   We are different because of the lives we have lived.  The emotional, physical and mental aspects and impacts felt in our history have shaped us to be who we are today. Some of us have experienced many lives others less; the physical disorders which affected us in our history may well be influencing us now. For instance if we have lives of hard labour and toil we will be more prone to aches and pains, cold temperatures affects us more, old wounds unhealed, emotionally and physically. We can be suffering from any combination of the following: neck, shoulder and throat issues may... read more

LEARN NEW LIFE SKILLS FOR 2018 – Connect to you  Inner Gold  

Don’t live with fear, grief, guilt and stress.  Change from the inside out.

It takes courage to change and innovate. Be inspired with alternate ways of living, receive Wisdom, Inspirational strategies, enhanced life skills and powerful emotional ditching. Jettison Inherited trauma (IGTA). Connect to your inner Gold for amazing changes.

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 Anna’s Story: Probiotics and Probiotic Facial Care Explored

 Don’t Just Feed your Gut Feed your Face with Probiotics

While consuming a healthy diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, cutting out processed junk and exercising regularly are an important part of maintaining good health and well-being, there is another very important factor that most people miss: gut bacteria or probiotics.

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Anna’s Story -As January Cold Bites – Give your Skin a Lift

 Treat yourself to an  Anti Aging Rosehip Face Serum

In the UK as January winds bite post Christmas I thought you might need a great recipe for feeding your skin. Whether you live in a dry or windy climate, or one that is drenched in sun, your skin will suffer. This is especially true if your skin is maturing, as the skins natural ability to balance and stay moist declines as we age.

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