Healthy Living

Relaxing Rituals

Or Receiving Pleasure from the Performance

When it is time to relax or take a breather, don’t you find that sitting down to a hot drink is a perfect solution?

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Healthy Bakes

Baking to be Beautiful

Does anyone watch the Great British Bake Off? Perhaps that is a silly question because even though the programme has a new line up, it is probably still going to be as popular as before. Although we are all about Healthy living, there is nothing like a slice of cake as a treat now and again. And in reality, there are ways to incorporate treats into a healthy lifestyle, you just have to be creative and innovative with new recipes.

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Anna’s Story – Anna’s dream holiday destinations

Although it is still Summer, I am thinking about my holidays for next year already!

Most of my dream destinations are in Asia. Firstly, I have always wanted to go to Japan, in my opinion, the culture is one of the best and most sophisticated around. As it is an island, I feel it is the lack of space has caused greater understanding

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Keep your Soul and Spirit Healthy With Prayer

How do you keep your mind healthy and what relaxation techniques have helped you in times of stress?

I have had several periods of massive stress in my life, as I’m sure we all have and I will talk more about these in the future. Looking back however, I have to say that my faith and the power of Prayer, have carried me through these circumstances and given me the strength I needed to move on peacefully.

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Give yourself some Summer  Loving Beauty Treatments

Pampering Treats Made Easy

When was the last time you went for a beauty treatment? A massage, manicure, pedicure or a facial? Once in a blue moon probably, but actually, nothing is stopping us from treating ourselves at home every now and again, without breaking the bank. Continuing on our theme of improving well being to stay healthy, any activity that involves an element of self- care can lift your spirits and calm your mind.

We can quite easily incorporate relaxation into our lives more regularly. Of course, if you are able to have one of these sessions on a regular basis, all the better. But in the real world, we may have to squeeze in the luxury indulgences when the opportunity arises.

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Quiet Ways to relax – Keep your mind Trim with a Good Book

A healthy mind in a healthy body is a well known expression and it often rings true.

We’ve talked a lot about ways to improve physical health, however one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to exercise your mind is just to read. Of course, we read on computer screens, TV or telephones, but the actual pleasure of reading a paper or a book is hard to match. There is nothing like turning over real pages and hearing the paper rustle.

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Anna’s Story – The Healthy Designer

Creativity Creates Empowerment

Many people have asked me how I combine my passion for healthy living with my life as a creative designer. I believe the answer is simple – my new healthy lifestyle helps me find balance in my day to day life, which makes me more relaxed and open to inspiration. Being a designer may seem very glamorous, but in fact, it is just my way of expressing my ideas and creative energy, as I have always been an artistic person. I’m lucky enough to have made a career of my passions and but I feel that this would always be a part of my character which I need to express.

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