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Delete and Block 21 by Rani Prem


I feel so happy and alive with all the beautiful decorations and twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.  Part of me wanted to keep it up for the rest of 2019. The Christmas tree gave me a sense of hope. Maybe because the lights are on all the time and thought of not living in darkness even part of the time seems to me to be lucky.

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The Liver Rescue Smoothie – Anthony William

The Medical Medium writes a Recipe for New Year Healing of you Liver

The Liver Rescue Smoothie is a key recipe in Liver Rescue because it offers such powerful healing support for the liver, which makes it helpful for every kind of chronic illness and symptom. It’s also a central recipe in the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Cleanse included in Liver Rescue.

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Introducing Co-Founder Lisa of Talula Little with Her Yoga for Mums and Babes

You spent 9 months pregnant; eating, drinking and exercising for your baby. Now baby is here and your focus is on how much is baby eating/drinking, sleeping and of course.. pooing (who would have thought that would be a conversation topic?!) But mama, what about you? I want you to know that, You. Are. Important. Yes all the gifts are for your little bubba and everyone visiting wants a cuddle; with the baby. But you are the one giving life and your life needs sustaining.

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Delete and Block 20 – Rani Prem

To Be or Not To Be

As I sit here, looking at the lights on the Christmas tree my mind wonders to Shakespeare, to be or not to be. Is this life worth it or is death the solitude that every part of my being seems to be yearning for, the peace I hope would overwhelm every part of me as I close my eyes. Life is hard but at least I know what to expect but death is the unknown? Is death really peace? Alternatively, is it the selfish side of me wanting to leave it all behind regardless of those I leave behind. Regardless of those, I hurt and abandon by finally closing my eyes. Do I wish to close my eyes, no!!! I’m not yet ready to give up this mortal coil and if you believe in God, as I do, then taking one’s life is a sin. I have no right to take what god gave me.

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What do you stand for?

Anna Dempsey Introduces Talula Little at Beyond the Galleries

Talula Little is proud to be a fully transparent company. This means that we place the utmost importance on showing you exactly who makes our clothes.

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 Anthony William The Medical Medium Offers A New Year Health Gift

Looking for some mouth-watering but clean and healthy recipes to enjoy this holiday season? Look no further!

 Three Delicious & Healthy New Year Recipes
 These recipes for Spiced Creamy Hot Chaga, Pumpkin Pie Pancakes and Green Bean Casserole are not only incredibly delicious and indulgent; they’re also dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free

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Gluten-Free Wild Blueberry Muffins

A Liver Rescue Recipe From Anthony William The Medical Medium

These bite-sized blueberry morsels come out of the oven warm, fluffy, and ready to enjoy for breakfast or any time of day. They make a great addition to any packed lunch or afternoon snack. The batter comes together in the blender in minutes, making this a quick and easy option whenever you need one.

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PANDAS, Jaundice & Baby Liver: By Anthony William The Medical Medium

What You Need To Know…
Watching your children suffer from various illnesses and symptoms is heart-breaking. What’s even more difficult is not getting the answers you need to help your child heal. There are many health conditions that infants and small children suffer with that remain a mystery to medical science and research, including acid reflux and conditions like jaundice and Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders (PANDAS). For moms and dads, this is an incredibly frustrating and disheartening process.

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Delete and Block 17 – By Rani Prem


With Christmas looming, I could not help but think at about the people in my life.  It has been 4 years since my life fell apart, since I lost everything I held dear save for my son.  I have had many friends or should I say people I thought were friends and realised many stayed for the feast and leave for the famine.

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Delete and Block 16 – By Rani Prem

It’s The Party Season

Yep it’s that time of year again, drinking and eating far too much, the constant invites and the unwillingness to say no, until you peruse that vast wardrobe and discover you have nothing to wear. The truth is you have many outfits just nothing that fits. I went from a size 10 to a size 14 in such a short period and felt fat. It’s as simple as that. It was Wednesday and the boat party was on Thursday, what was I going to do. Yes, before you think it, go shopping.  Shopping is great when you feel comfortable in your own skin. I do not, I feel ugly and extremely overweight and thus shopping makes me feel depressed.

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