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Home is where the HeART is – Joy Wisdom Writes

Some of us would say it was where we lived in our daily living space. Is your home your sanctuary?  

Sanctuary can be anywhere we feel comfortable. A place where we go to meditate. Walks in nature can feel home for many of us.  Enjoying the natural environment is amazing, where we can feel at peace.  Gives us a feeling of home.

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Power of 3  – Joy Wisdom Writes on her Light Healing Programme

Energies of July are focused on the Feminine energy of Creation

In July, planetary alignments have intensified focus in the elements of earth and water, the feminine aspects of creation.  Through the constellation of Cancer, we experience a magnification of opportunities. Putting focus on our emotional reality, with intensity.

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The World Seems to Have Gone Mad 

During April 2018 there were two acts of abuse reported in our media

The first was a four-year old who had been gang raped and then killed in India. The men were arrested, and riots followed.  A natural reaction you would think, as a child has been horribly molested and murdered.

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Joy Wisdom presents   The Allonus LIGHT HEALING programme

Foundation to Intermediate

July, September and November  2018

Attain all three stages of this amazing package for LiGHtworkers, Healers, Empaths, Starseed’s and Sensitives


Stage 1) ONE LOVE Weekend – 28-29th July Queens Hotel, Leeds &

22-23rd September Jury’s Inn, Cheltenham

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Dreamtime: Your Access to Healing

Robbie Holtz Introduces us to Dreamtime

In the remote Australian Outback, amid the Mulga trees and the Ukiri grasses, and within the song lines emanating from the soaring sandstone monolith called Uluru, live a tribe of Aborigines with astounding healing abilities. For many years they chose to remain remote from Western civilization. Now they have received instructions from “The Big Guy” to share the secrets of their 60,000-year-old healing system.

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Anna’s Story – 4 Life Changing Questions from Byron Katie

Let your Heart ask your mind these questions

Are you an over thinker?  There have been times in my life where I have literally tortured myself with overthinking and over- reacting to questions, circumstances and what people think or what I think of them.  I have travelled this road slowly bringing myself around to always asking my heart what it thinks before I ask my head what it is over-reacting to.

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DARE to be as Alive as your Heartbeat – Joy Wisdom

Affairs of the Heart are Troublesome Leading to Disorders

The physical heart receives impacts from trauma and emotions. Shocks of the heart can be found held within deep levels of tissue.  Tissue damage causes lack of function for the human Heart.  Disorders such as lack of breath, chest discomfort, hypertension, blood pressure fluctuations and fatigue are some of the symptoms. Heart dysfunction also causes lack of confidence and increased emotions as the body systems start to deplete.  Shock is also a BIG factor.  The physicality is under strain to keep going, supporting life. 

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Joy Wisdom Discusses Drug Free Alternatives For Kids

I would like to applaud and congratulate Dr. Chris and Raw TV who made the BBC programme shown last night on drugs and children’s health.  A subject I am passionate about.  Thank goodness someone has the initiative to bring this to the public domain. 

Governments and NICE are in La, La land as far as health is concerned and needs good shake up re-educating professionals. Dr. Chris, challenged the myths of marketing and emotional manipulating through marketing, essentially a psychological dominant approach we have today. 

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