Fruit Tier – The Great Wedding Gift

Fruit Tier – The Great Wedding Gift


In the Age Of Healthy Living Liven up your Life with Fruit Tier

Do you find there is never enough room in your fruit bowl? Do you know what fruit is in the bowl? Have you ever found fruit starting to go mouldy at the bottom of the bowl?  Well, that was my fruit bowl until I decided the typical fruit bowl needed to change.

Fruit Tier have designed and crafted a practical, high quality beautiful centrepiece as an alternative to the typical fruit bowl. This unique design allows you to:-

  • Instantly see what fruit you have and what you need to buy
  • See the ripest fruit which can be eaten first, rather than throw it away.
  • Stop your fruit from being squashed by giving each piece of fruit its own space on the plate.
  • Place the most recently bought items on a different tier, so that the ripest fruit can be kept separately and used first.
  • Keep fruit such as ripe bananas that have a high ethylene gas away from more sensitive fruits. The ethylene gas speeds up the ripening process on other fruit.

Why not make healthy, fresh living a central part of your home.

A beautiful treat for your home or as special gift or wedding present. To purchase Fruit Tier please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries.

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