Do you find it Hard to buy shoes on line? We are here to answer your questions on Morena Morena

Do you find it Hard to buy shoes on line? We are here to answer your questions on Morena Morena

How do I fit a Morena Morena ?

It is often a fearful moment even with a good returns policy in place for you to want to buy shoes on line. Have a look through the questions most asked this brand below it may help and inform you in making your purchase with us on Beyond the Galleries and taking our exclusive offer from Morena Morena to our Customers only of 20%  

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  1. Do the shoes fit feet with bunions?

Morena Morena, Shoes do  fit feet with bunions. Just follow our recommendations in relation to size at the end of the shoe’s description on the product page. Each Product page has a recommendation on sizing if it is a small fit go up one size.

Styles Best Suited Are:

Square Toes and Loafers:

I would recommend loafers and square toes.

Pointed toe: The Alba, Danza, Talara,   Paula, Flosa. Are your best buys

Sports: Morena Morena do an excellent fashion sports shoe which is elegant comfortable and fits the foot to perfection. For that long day out they are a good buy for bunion sufferers.

If you decide to order, Morena Morena, will see the order and you can contact them direct if you  feel it may be  the wrong shoe for your foot use the Contacts Page on this site.

But you should contact them first, before purchase if you require any further assistance on this and please feel free to contact through this website contact page.


  1. I have small feet. I usually get a size 37, but I have wide feet. Should I order a size 38?

Please note, if the description of the shoe recommends at the end of the description going up one size please do so.

If nothing is mentioned, then you should order a size 37 if that is your usual size.

  1. I have wide feet which style would work best for me?

The best styles will be loafers, square toe and pointed toe.

The website recommends going one size up on certain styles. Please follow the guidelines offered.


  1. I have wide feet would these shoes fit? I am  also  between a 5 1/2 & 6 . What would you advise? I live in the North East of England so would need to do mail order. Do you refund?


Firstly, Morena do refunds as per our Website Terms and Conditions. Please see our website for terms and conditions of our refund policy. All sales on this site are Mail Order Only.

Morena shoes will fit if You will note recommendations that  have been made on size for various styles.  Please note these at the end of the Description of the shoe on the product page.

As you are between a size 5 1/2  and 6, we suggest you order a size 6, unless it has been recommend to go one size up in which case it would be a 7.

It maybe helpful if you advise Morena Morena,  of which styles you are interested in using our Contact us  and Morena Morena  can advise you accordingly if you still have any questions on fittings for these shoes.



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