Delete and Block 32 – By Rani Prem

Delete and Block 32 – By Rani Prem


Pro Abortion vs Anti-Abortion

The new Alabama Law on abortion has given me fruit for thought. Statistics show some 206,000 abortions have been performed in England and Wales for residents and some 5,000 for non-residents and yes they are free for residents on the National Health Service. I must add 64,445 were repeat abortions.

Let’s put this in perspective, there were approximately 679,000 live births in England and Wales, which means approximately 22% of all pregnancies currently end in abortion.

What are the laws in the UK, well elective abortion is not legal. Before an abortion can take place two doctors need to confirm that the pregnancy is a threat to the life or health of the mother or her children. Therefore a medical reason is required for every abortion.

What actually happens, if the continuing pregnancy threatens the mental or physical health of the mother she can elect to terminate and it will be granted.

Am I for or am I against? Well I can honestly say I am both, I’m not trying to sit on the fence but I have my views

Abortion due to rape and incest cannot be argued against. The right for a woman to choose whether to keep this child or not, a constant reminder of her horrifying experience is a right. For those who choose to keep the child then I am in awe of you.

The UK allows abortion up to 24 weeks. This I find difficult to swallow. A 24 weeks foetus is a baby. Babies born due to premature labour have survived and continue to grow outside of the womb. How can you say this is right? A very small percentage of women are oblivious to being pregnant at early stage.

I cannot in all honestly agree that an abortion at such a late stage should be permitted. These babies, have grown they are formed. The procedure alone must be horrifying.

I agree that women should have the right to choose but I think the number of weeks should be a maximum of 12 weeks. Yes the foetus has already formed at 12 weeks, all the organs, muscles, limbs and bones are in place, and the sex organs are well developed. All that is left is for the foetus to mature. So could we argue even 12 weeks is too long? I think there needs to be a cut of point and in my mind 12 weeks gives a mother time to know she is pregnant and time to make that decision.

I am all for the abortion pill and this can only be taken up to 8 weeks. This in my humble opinion is the preference. Yes the foetus is forming but the abortion pill causes your uterus to cramp and shed its inner lining and contents. I am not trying to justify that this is better but it is not a baby that has been fully formed. It is almost like severe period pains and clotting being dispelled. The pain alone should serve as a lesson to be more responsible.

If you think 64,000 women have had repeat abortions, have they learnt nothing? It is far too easy in this country to obtain an abortion and stricter guidelines should be put in place to stop this travesty of repeat offenders and yes I am using the word offenders.

I remember a girl at university in three years had 5 abortions, how can this be right. How can this be legal? We have every contraceptive on the market offered free in this country. You do not even need to go to your doctors; there are a number of free clinics that will provide you with contraceptives.

It happens once, you can be given. It happens twice, that is bad luck. Thereafter you have no excuses.

Abortions are offered far too readily and far too easily.


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