Delete and Block 31 – Rani Prem – Reality Shows

Delete and Block 31 – Rani Prem – Reality Shows

Reality Shows -Are they Good for our Health?


Why would you go on a show and air your dirty laundry in public? Why would you tell the world your inner most secrets, the shame that plagues your life?

Most of us wouldn’t, it’s as simple as that. Have you noticed the type of people that are attracted to these shows and how do they get on these shows in the first place. The producers seek them out and through a careful vetting process they decide who will go on and who will be rejected. Who do they choose? The inarticulate, the down trodden, the haters, the people that we will love to hate. This is reality TV, they leave them naked on stage for the world to see.

These shows deliberately choose the weak, the helpless and the vulnerable. The people that want their 5 mins of fame, what these people do not realise after their stint on TV they have to face the outside world to be ridiculed and spat upon.

The mother who threw her 15 year old out because she slept with mum’s boyfriend. What did this mother expect? Did she think that the people would be on her side? She is a mother, behave as a mother and take your child aside and say ‘my darling talk to me and I will try and understand’ what did she expect, respect for throwing her teen out. She kept the boyfriend.

It’s crazy that these types of people think they are right. The question you need to ask is who told them they were right before they came on the show. The same could be said for the X Factor, the good singers and the terrible singers. They are vetted and of course if all the singers were great, there would be no show. We all love the contestants to make a fool of themselves, it makes for good TV and for many of us it makes us feel better about ourselves.

The person who committed suicide after filming one of these shows was clearly vulnerable but the Jeremy Kyle show did not care, they want ratings so they can continue making such shows. The man that committed suicide after Love Island. When do we say enough is enough.

Daniela Westbrook said that the Jeremy Kyle show was great for her and the therapist really helped her. Please people, she was an actress, she wants to be back on TV and lets me honest she is thick skinned because she is an actress. What did they think get a semi celeb to say how wonderful their show is and we will all agree?

Yes they provide therapy for these people but we need to ask for how long? The therapist isn’t going to be with them 24/7, so when they leave the show, how are they being protected? And whatever therapy is given, it is only to them, what about the people that now hate them?

Who is to blame? We are also to blame, the people that watch, we should be ashamed. We call ourselves educated and developed, really!!! Are we really on top of the food chain? Animals kill to feed themselves, to live. We kill for sensationalism. We are worse than animals. I am ashamed to be called human. We throw these people into a gladiator pit and we watch the carnage that takes place and we developed and educated people sit back, smile and laugh at the pain and suffering before us.

We are a sadistic species; we enjoy the destruction of others. Why are we like this? Are our lives so boring that we need to see what other people are doing? Most of us are not interested in the good that people do, no, we are interested in their dark sides, that makes for good reality TV.

So what does that say about us as a species?

The Jeremy Kyle show has been suspended but that is not good enough it should be axed. Do we need to wait for another death to realise that reality TV is bad for our health.

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