Delete and Block 24 By Rani Prem

Delete and Block 24 By Rani Prem


Classy Vs Trashy

I saw an amazing looking lady on my usual trip to Sainsbury’s. I couldn’t help but stare at how well put together she was. Her makeup was immaculate and she had just used enough to enhance the beauty that she was born with. Her attire was spot on and she looked classy. She suddenly noticed that I was staring and from a distant of approximately 1 meter she shouted out ‘what the f**k are you staring at, b***h’ Wow!!! Ladies the only thing that popped into my head seriously trashy.

This made me think about classy vs trashy. This woman from a distance looked so stunning and carried an air about her that made me envious, until she opened her mouth. I walked up to her and said ‘actually I was staring because I thought you looked amazing’ and I walked off. I did not give her a chance to say anything and indeed walked off leaving her embarrassed.

The definition of class reads stylish, high class, superior, exclusive, chic, elegant, expensive etc.

I however prefer the urban dictionary definition; Classy is not about clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories. It is not about being posh, or wealthy.

A classy girl is kind, gentle, sweet, caring. She is giving, loving… she is a good person. She is polite. She has good manners, has empathy, and is a very pleasant person to know.

Now this woman did not fit the urban dictionary definition of class, not one iota. Being classy clearly is not about money, clothes or makeup. It is not about how good you look on the outside, it is what is inside. I believe it is a combination of the two.

Ladies you may be able to afford good clothes and able to apply makeup that oozes class, stand a certain way that makes you look classy but true class is clearly what’s going on inside your head. If you use foul language, gossip, insult others and if you are judgemental you are clearly not classy but simply trashy.

Being classy is about respecting others and thus you will learn to respect yourself.

You do not have to be highly educated in the academic world or be an expert on any given subject to be classy. Simply now a little about a lot. Be able to hold a conversation about culture, worldly matters and again you need not know a lot about these but you will gain respect from others. It shows you have more going on in your head. Most importantly learn to listen, listening show’s class.  I know a lot about many things but I am expert at none. I do however listen and this skill teaches me so much. Learn to accept the views of others, even if you don’t agree with them, now this is classy!!!!

I have also read that trashy people lack meaning full goals and a purpose in life. I do not agree with that. So many people are not driven and are happy with who they are. Does that make them trashy, not at all? An article I read also stated that those who party all night long, are amused with unimportant matters, and prefer celebrity gossip to anything important are trashy. Well!!! This article is writing trash in my humble opinion. Who doesn’t like a good party now and then and the better the party is the longer you stay. I enjoy listening to a bit of celebrity gossip, it’s funny!!!! Who wants to talk about important matters all the time? My life needs variety. Does this make me trashy? I don’t think so.

It is not determined by race or the economic sphere in which you are born in. It is about what you want to achieve in life and how you treat others.

Class is not one-dimensional, you can dress classy but when you open your mouth, you can sound trashy or you can sound classy but dress like a homeless person. Class is about what you show others and how secure and confident you are about yourself. Regardless the environment you are in, you fit, now that is class.

If you want to be trashy then that is your choice but if you want true respect from people from all walks of life then learn how to dress, act and talk. Remember it is not about, how much money you have or being well spoken. You may buy your clothes from Primark or speak with a cockney accent, this makes no difference. It is how well you put these clothes together and the content of your conversation. I am described as posh because of my accent and thus making people believe I am well educated. Truth, I am well educated but my accent was taught, I was not born or raised with this accent. I have not had a privileged up bring, indeed I grew up in a single parent family and suffered all life had to throw at us because of lack of money. I chose to better my life. However, the accent was forced upon me when I was thirteen by an English teacher. I can no longer speak any other way. However, ladies, accent is not in my opinion that important, it is content. So do not feel the need to change your accent.

You want to sound smart, you do not have to memorise the English dictionary. Learn to pronounce and enunciate your words. Stop swallowing the letters in certain words, stop changing letters in certain words and speak slower. It is not:

‘free’  it is ‘three’

‘I ain’t’  is ‘I haven’t or I have not’

‘My mate ates me’ is ‘my friend hates me’

And some of my pet hates ‘she’s more wiser’ or ‘she’s more nicer’ seriously people!!!! Listen to the way people speak and learn.

Another pet hate are the ways people text. A friend of mine does a lot of texting, so when she needs to type out a letter, yep you got it she uses text abbreviations without thinking. It has become difficult for her to construct a proper letter or respond to an official email. Is this what we are teaching our young people?

Another person I know is well to do financially. Honestly, I can only describe her as trashy. She wears expensive clothes but they look trashy. She’s arrogant, talks about people constantly and not in a nice way. She is critical to a fault. She believes buying expensive things makes her classy. Sorry, it does not.

In simple terms if you choose to be classy:

  1. Dress well and according to your pocket.
  2. Just because you own a lot of makeup does not mean you have to paint your whole face with all of it. Enhance the beauty you have, don’t change it.
  3. Speak clearly and with confidence. Pronounce and enunciate.
  4. Limit your slang and stop using foul language.
  5. Do not shout in public or indeed argue and no scheming ladies. So trashy!!!!
  6. Keep your emotions in check, especially in public.
  7. Leave your comfort zone and expose yourself to different cultures and different things. My son was not interested in art galleries and I forced him to go. This taught him what he liked and what he did not like. It transpired he loved it. The same with food try different types of food. I absolutely hate going to an Italian restaurant for example and ordering a burger. Seriously!!! Go to burger king.

Lastly, many men prefer classy women; they do not take trashy women seriously.

I feel sorry for the woman in Sainsbury’s and note how I use the word woman and not lady.

Being who you want to be is a choice but remember how you treat yourself will reflect on how others treat you.




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