Delete and Block 18 – By Rani Prem

Delete and Block 18 – By Rani Prem


The Party

Thursday finally arrived. I woke up early that morning and went shopping to find something to wear. This was my last ditch attempt to buy something suitable.

I walked from shop to shop, in and out of changing rooms, clothes on and off, with absolutely no success.  A lady in one of the changing rooms said ‘that looks great on you’ what were her eyes seeing that I did not see. As I glanced in the mirror all I saw was fat!!!!

After 2 hours of what seemed like an eternity. I headed home. I would have to make do with what I had at home and that unfortunately consisted of three outfits that I had worn repeatedly.

I finally picked up black trousers and a baggy black top and paired it with black suede three-inch heels. Have you noticed how heels make you look slightly thinner, they seem to elongate your legs and makes your bottom look lifted. Now clearly this marvel of heels is also putting pressure on your back and muscles but for the sake of fashion and looking a bit better than I felt the sacrifice was worth it. Of course, I decided to travel in my Morena Morena flats, which I could easily fold up and pop in my handbag once I arrived at my destination.

The party was on a beautiful boat and embarkation was in Tower Hill. I was stunned when I saw the venue. It was beautiful!!!

As the women arrived, I scanned their attire and felt a little better about myself. Some were casually dressed and others were, in my opinion overdressed. I guess it’s what you feel comfortable in. As the evening progressed, I felt more comfortable about myself and felt so silly about the lengths I had gone to during the previous two days to lose a bit of weight. I have to say I am never doing a salt water flush again, not in this lifetime!!!

About 100 people attended which was a good turn out and I chatted to people from all works of life and was so pleased I attended, especially after I attempted to cancel so many times.

I made some amazing contacts and by the time the speeches started, I found myself seated next to an 18-year-old boy that tagged along with his father. I giggled like a schoolgirl and some of his sarcastic comments and even had a dance.

Unbelievably I was the last to disembark, what was the fuss all about? I stressed myself out leading up to this event and realised I wasted so much energy and literally made myself miserable.

Am I comfortable in my skin? No, by no stretch of the imagination. Do I want to lose weight? Absolutely!!! So what have I learnt? Well ladies, no gimmick diets, no starvation diets and no water tablets. These are short-term fixes and I wanted long term.

Therefore, I have promised myself in the New Year I will start my new healthy lifestyle. I know, you do not even have to say it, no one sticks to New Year resolutions but I am going to have a good go at trying.

I feel the need to feel like me again and right now, I do not. I feel like I am carrying baggage every time I walk or climb the stairs and clearly, that is all excess weight. You have to feel comfortable with you; whether that means you are a size 10 or a size 16 etc. It is not about what other people think, you look in the mirror every day and it is your wellbeing that is important, not the opinions of others. Also, remember, as you get older your skin loses elasticity and if you were once a size 10 remember being a size 10 again may make you look even older than you do now at a size 14.

You cannot go back to the way you looked in your youth, you can only make yourself look better at the age you are now. So do not fool yourself in believing you can turn back the clock. If someone says you look 5 years younger than your actual age then you are doing really well.

So, 2019 will be a fresh year, a New Year of trying to kick bad habits and the only way I can kick the bad habits in relation to food? Just do not buy them. Your kitchen cupboards and fridge freezer should contain what I call clean foods. Forget the sweetie draw, get rid of it and yes if you fancy something sweet, you will literally have to get off your backside and go and buy it. Trust me at 10 O’clock at night, I’m not doing that. Have a cheat day; choose which day of the week you can indulge in the junk food. DO NOT stop yourself, have those couple of glasses of wine when you want it.

I’ve noticed when you deprive yourself it never works. Oh lastly, exercise. Resistance training, forget about all this cardio that so many women do and then complain they are not losing weight. Cardio is to warm up before a resistant training workout and of course it helps to build stamina but the muscle you build the faster your metabolism will work for you. As I have already said as we, age we lose elasticity and jumping up and down and running etc will only make your skin looser.

Get off the scales, do not calorie count, it is not necessary if you eat clean. You will notice the weight loss through your clothing.

One last tip, take collagen powder amazing invention. My hair is thicker and my skin and nails have improved so much.

I am not a fitness expert or indeed a nutritionist. The advice offered is only based on my experience and yes, advice I have received from the experts.

However, it is now Christmas and who cares about diets, eating clean and exercise enjoy all those amazing meals full of butter and sugar and all the things we are told not to eat by the experts. My response to them:


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