CJ Wildlife – Natures Little Helpers

CJ Wildlife – Natures Little Helpers

Give the Bugs some Room
Our gardens, however large or small, are part of an amazing tapestry; linking to provide food, water, shelter and breeding sites for a broad range of wildlife. Mother Nature intended us all to live in harmony and some of our smaller garden allies are often forgotten.

Aphids are a serious pest to many plants in the garden as they have the ability to reproduce very quickly and are resistant to many chemical pesticides. Insects such as ladybirds and lacewings work tirelessly, naturally cleansing our precious blooms and shrubs of unwanted aphids – so it’s worth trying to attract them into your garden! Our range of insect boxes are the perfect haven for ladybirds and many other beneficial insects.

Another garden helper is the butterfly. Butterflies are one of the most fragile of insects with their wonderfully decorated petal-like wings. Aside from the visual appeal they bring to our gardens, butterflies also pollinate our wild plants and crops ensuring the successful production of seeds and fruits, all vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. You can cultivate your interest in these delicate creatures with one of our butterfly boxes.

But there’s another very important garden visitor who has been sorely neglected recently: our humble bee. Regrettably our bees are in a drastic decline and we need to act now before it’s too late. There are various reasons for the decline in our Bee’s: the introduction of intensive farming methods, loss of hedgerows and a loss of traditional hay meadows are to name but a few. This means that the bees, and other wildlife, are losing their natural habitats. Give nature a helping hand by supplying a valuable nesting site for these vital and industrious creatures that spend hours pollinating our trees, shrubs and flowers. And they’re such harmless little chaps – the Red Mason Bee in particular is an extremely docile and solitary species, so they’re safe around children and pets. Try providing a nesting site like these to help our Bee’s out.

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