CJ Wildlife Can Supply Hungry Birds in Summer’s Heat

CJ Wildlife Can Supply Hungry Birds in Summer’s Heat

Food for thought from CJ Wildlife

We think of the summer, quite rightly, as a time of plenty, and for that reason some people used to stop providing for wild birds at this time of year. Garden wildlife enthusiasts know that it’s good for wildlife and people if we put out food and water throughout the year.

The wildlife benefits because the summer’s productivity also sees lots of inexperienced extra mouths adding to the competition for food, and our tidy, often over managed landscapes sometimes see food sources suddenly mown, flailed or sprayed out of existence. We benefit from having the sound and movement of some of our most attractive wildlife in our gardens at the time of year when we’re most likely to be outside to enjoy it, or at least have the windows open, letting in the natural soundscape.

Young birds – and their stressed parents – will appreciate a reliable source of a good quality food such as our Vitality Mix or Premium Sunflower Hearts, which are suitable for practically all species, including Robins and Blackbirds that may not bother with more traditional foods. Putting some on the ground or, better still, bird table will help the less agile, ground feeding species, but for the tits and finches one of our easy to clean Apollo Seed Feeders is a great choice.

Peanut cakes, a mix of peanut flour and energy rich tallow, are a great source of energy throughout the year and particularly to the tits, Robins and one of our most attractive and rapidly declining breeding birds: Starlings.  Not everyone appreciates them, sadly, but the adults are very attractive birds and their sandy-coloured juveniles add a certain, almost comic charm to the bird feeders.  Peanut cakes have an integral hanging stalk that a piece of wire can be fixed through, but the most convenient and attractive solution is to use one of our inexpensive Peanut Cake Hangers.

Traditional summer weather will (we hope!) include long periods of hot, sunny conditions, making safe, clean water hard to find.  Lots of wildlife will benefit from a bird bath placed on the ground, at least two metres from any cover that might conceal a lurking cat, and equipped with gently sloping sides for safe access. Birds need to bathe regularly to keep their plumage in good condition, but hedgehogs and bees will also benefit.  If space is short one of our Vierno Drinkers is an elegant way of providing birds and bees with clean drinking water.



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