CJ Wildlife – Advice for Bird Lovers in Hot Weather

CJ Wildlife – Advice for Bird Lovers in Hot Weather


Give Your Birds some Water and Food with CJ Wildlife Products


With the recent soaring temperatures our thoughts are on long summer days, barbeques and beaches. But as we sit back and relax in our gardens with an ice cold drink we should spare a thought for our garden birds who may be struggling to find essential food and water.

Although most wild birds are well adapted to hot temperatures and have several ways to regulate their body temperature the hot weather still brings with it a number of problems that can impact on their wellbeing.

The dry summer months can result in a lack of natural water sources so a supply of fresh water for drinking and bathing is fundamental.

Hot temperatures and a lack of water mean the ground becomes dry and hard making it more difficult for our feathered friends to access the supply of worms and insects that they can usually find in the soil. Consider offering Dried Mealworms to help supplement your garden birds natural diet.

Not surprisingly, finding a shady spot is one of the natural ways birds keep cool in the summer. So planting our gardens with trees and shrubs offering deep shade is a great way to create a welcome cooling retreat from the mid-day sun.

Consider adding more water dishes to your garden this summer. CJ Wildlife offer a range of Birdbaths and Water Feeders as well as their wonderful range of Bird Feeders  Buy now* and save 10% across the complete range with CJ Wildlife. Please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries.

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