Autumn competition on the Topic of Healthy Living

Autumn competition on the Topic of Healthy Living


This is all about YOU!

We love writing about Healthy Living and sharing our ideas, experience and tips with you. But, this time we want it to work both ways. What aspects of Healthy Living do you most want to read about?

We get lots of feedback from followers on our social media, however it would be great to pick YOUR brains and create an exchange of ideas. Especially as of course, we can learn so much from you too.

Almost everyone loves to eat, and as we often say, healthy should not mean boring, but sometimes seeking to ‘be good” risks avoiding foods that, perceived as fun and naughty. In reality,  very few foods are actually naughty, we are just programmed to think so. (There are some that have no nutritional value at all, and only provide taste and empty calories… but that’s another story!) Yes, certain foods can lead to health issues when taken in excess but we also believe in treats and not punishment, an attitude that creates a positive relationship and more realistic expectations. Treats can be healthy.

We all know someone who makes the best Victoria sponge, shortbread, pasta salad etc. etc. For example, I have a relative who makes the best apple crumble in the world and I would never attempt to replicate it. I also have a couple of signature Healthy cakes that I’m rightly proud of. What about you?

Do you have any amazing Healthy recipes to share with our Healthy Living followers? Any special tricks you use to make your dishes stand out and add a little extra “je ne sais quoi”? Or maybe a savvy touch to make your ingredients last longer or taste even more delicious and still stay Healthy?

This is your chance to share your outstanding foodie secret with the world. For the next month, we will be looking to hear all about your culinary prowess, so please write in and let us know. We will feature the top two dishes in future articles on Healthy Living, and give you a prize of one of Anna’s Anna Dempsey Designs Long Scarves, so get cooking and give us your recipes to judge and publish on Windows to the World.

If cooking is not your thing, we’d still like to hear from you. Aspiring to a healthy lifestyle involves so many activities – some of us are focusing on our physical health and searching for inspiration and motivation. Others, find it more helpful to look to balancing our mental and spiritual health, with healing, calming and educational techniques that broaden our minds and assist in a quest to manage stress.

Please do write in on any Healthy topic you feel strongly about, any therapy, exercise or activity you would like to recommend and we promise to publish the two best ones of those as well and the same Anna Dempsey Designs Long Scarf applies to the two winners.

So, please get writing and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please send any articles to

Thanks Anna & Nana

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