I would like to introduce you to Windows to the World a Glossy online style Magazine we search the web to find Collaborators who wish to showcase their products.

Please feel free to search through Windows to the World this experience will introduce you to brands that you will not find in many normal retail outlets and introduce you to these through editorial articles, endorsements, readers’ offers, discount offers, and more.

Read on below to enjoy our glittering global retail experience.

Editors Message

Message from Creator and Designer Anna Dempsey

Windows to the World is our showcase presenting our  Beyond the Galleries Collaborators, bringing you that beautiful object and piece of design that is hard to find in the most usual places.   We discovered and felt that the time had come to create a journalistic based platform that helped the shopper find that unique and exclusively well designed High Quality Product we are all searching for.

Windows to the World enables us to talk about, endorse and describe clearly the products and give some information about their creators. We hope this will encourage you not only to read about them but to click through to purchase on our  Beyond the Galleries sales site  the e-commerce shopping experience to allow you the discerning shopper to find that object you are looking for in the easiest and quickest way, whilst enjoying a rich panoply of artistic and well produced design products.

We are increasing the ranges constantly and through the offers we have available today and in the future please let me encourage you to register with us to get news of all our offers from our collaborators which are constantly changing.

We will constantly be changing the articles and offers on this site so keep an eye on Windows to the World for a glittering global retail experience – Welcome to Our Windows to the World.

We have created new sections on the site Healthy Living which is becoming increasingly popular. Please Browse through this to see some life changing articles on offer.

Best wishes

Anna Dempsey

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Offers & Competitions

In the Spirit of Christmas – An Offer from Shibumi

Dear Anna,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 Well, not quite…thank goodness!

 Spirit of Christmas 2018 is fast approaching and we’re excited to announce that we will be attending again this year.

 You’ll be able to find us in the main shopping hall, stand M101…please do come and say hello. As usual, we will have some great show offers available!

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Morena Morena is on Sale Offer on Beyond the Galleries

Can’t believe Morena Morena shoes are on sale. I almost fell off my chair. Have they gone crazy, are they delirious from these hot summer days we are having. Whatever it is, this is your chance to now add more shoes to your collection. An amazing opportunity for all you Morena lovers to purchase a fabulous pair of shoes for a fabulously reduced price.

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Collaborators Articles

Trick or Treat by Morena Morena

It’s that time of year again!!! Halloween and trick or treating.

The time when our children go from door to door begging, yes!!! This is what they do and yes this is what we encourage them to do. It is fun for our children and let’s be honest whatever they collect we also indulge in the odd sweets.

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Sports Inspired Morena Morena  A Must to go the Extra Mile

Design meets Exercise and Foot Health

Who doesn’t love a sport shoe? Sport shoes started off as the plimsoll back in 1832 and worn mainly by children. We have come a long way since the plimsoll.  We now have football trainers, basketball trainers and it goes on and on. I love my sport shoes,  but I can’t wear them with everything. Companies such as Nike, Addidas, Converse, Reebok and many more have numerous designs and colours but they still look like a sport shoe.

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Anna’s Story –   Flexible Footwear To Revive Your Feet

How Morena Morena have given my Feet Freedom

My ageing feet have started to rebel on days out.  I have found it increasingly difficult to find shoes that will not leave my feet feeling crippled after a day’s retail therapy or a great day out with friends and family. I would pick a pair of shoes that I thought would not rub, blister, cause by corns to catch fire but by midday on a day out I was feeling like I was on the rack, and my feet were on fire. Its hard to have fun when your feet hurt!

So I was thrilled when Morena Morena joined our site with their amazing shoes, designed. by Co-founder and Head Designer. Noemy Do-Carmo . who needed to seek solace from stylish shoes that hurt her also,  and to ease the complexities of a fast urban life style and global travel.

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Do you find it Hard to buy shoes on line? We are here to answer your questions on Morena Morena

How do I fit a Morena Morena ?

It is often a fearful moment even with a good returns policy in place for you to want to buy shoes on line. Have a look through the questions most asked this brand below it may help and inform you in making your purchase with us on Beyond the Galleries and taking our exclusive offer from Morena Morena to our Customers only of 40% 

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Shoes  With a Difference – to Dazzle and Dance the Night Away this Summer – Launch Offer

Morena Morena Launch  Offer with Us


Morena Morena in their generosity on Launching their product with us are giving Beyond the Galleries and Windows to the World Followers a 20% Launch offer off all the range.  Please use morena20 at the checkout to take this 20% offer off any shoes you buy with us today. This offer is open until 31st August 2018 to Purchase please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries

Go on give yourself a Morena Moment today.

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Shoes  With a Difference – to Dazzle and Dance the Night Away this Summer

Morena Morena Launch with Us

Morena Morena would like to introduce you to a new innovative style of shoes which they believe will be of great interest to you.

MORENA MORENA (“MM”) is a British fashion company founded in 2012 that designs, manufactures and distributes designer shoes under the MORENA MORENA™ brand. The brand stands for sport inspired luxury footwear.

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Stay Fresh and Look Stunning with Maquien this Summer

 Lovely Linen Offer from Maquien

A Summer wardrobe addition, you won’t regret, as this The Vita Waistcoat:: a long Waistcoat in top quality Linen, is very versatile and so easy to wear.  It goes well over any colour as it is a good neutral, and it makes a stunning Summer layer over any top or t-shirt.  With its side slits, good pockets, and shell buttons, you really have a terrific garment ready for any occasion.

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