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I would like to introduce you to Windows to the World a Glossy online style Magazine we search the web to find Collaborators who wish to showcase their products.

Please feel free to search through Windows to the World this experience will introduce you to brands that you will not find in many normal retail outlets and introduce you to these through editorial articles, endorsements, readers’ offers, discount offers, and more.

Read on below to enjoy our glittering global retail experience.

Editors Message

Message from Creator and Designer Anna Dempsey

annadempseyWindows to the World is our showcase presenting our Collaborators, bringing you that beautiful object and piece of design that is hard to find in the most usual places.   We discovered and felt that the time had come to create a journalistic based platform that helped the shopper find that unique and exclusively well designed High Quality Product we are all searching for.

Windows to the World enables us to talk about, endorse and describe clearly the products and give some information about their creators. We hope this will encourage you not only to read about them but to click through to purchase on our Beyond the Galleries sales site where we have streamlined the e commerce shopping experience to allow you the discerning shopper to find that object you are looking for in the easiest and quickest way, whilst enjoying a rich panoply of artistic and well produced design products.

We are increasing the ranges constantly and through the offers we have available today and in the future please let me encourage you to register with us to get news of all our offers from our collaborators in the lead up to Christmas 2015.

We will constantly be changing the articles and offers on this site so keep an eye on Windows to the World for a glittering global retail experience – Welcome to Our Windows to the World.

Best wishes

Anna Dempsey

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Offers & Competitions

Space Grill

Space Grill – Anna Dempsey Presents Windows To The World
UK pre launch offer on the New Space Grill 10% off pre-launch purchase on Beyond the Galleries – Click through to obtain offer code and purchase on Beyond

Copper Clothing

40% Discount when you spend over £15 – Click through to Beyond The Galleries to purchase

Copper Clothing

Gemma Wilby, aged 29 went into a South London NHS hospital on September 7th 2012 to give birth to her baby, complications meant she had to undergo an Emergency C-section. As time went by the wound was not healing and it was becoming blatantly obvious to Gemma and her family that there was a serious problem.

read more

Bird of Paradise

A flight of Fantasy in Cashmere

Bird of Paradise London specialises in beautiful Cashmere Knitwear in a wide variety of colours. Their products come from Italy in over 30 colours and are made from a combination of quality Cashmere and Silk making them harder wearing and easier to look after.

read more


Julu – The Laundry Ladder
Quality Design of Julu is its great strength. Stylish wooden spindle to wrap the cord around easing the pulley system. The cord allows you to simply, pulley the front frame up and down for ease of loading and effortless access past even in the smallest spaces.

read more

Seascape Island Apothecary

Beauty Products & Unique infusions of Flair and Nature from the Island of Jersey

Seascape products are crafted on the beautiful island of Jersey utilising locally produced ingredients and featuring infusions of unique, hand-blended, natural essential oils for fragrances offering many therapeutic benefits.

read more

Ultrastream Water Filter

Water with a Difference   Benefit from the water you drink with The UltraStream is the first ever natural water ionizer proven to infuse massive amounts of beneficial hydrogen gas into your purified drinking water using a Unique 8 step natural filtration process.... read more

Alchemy Chocolatiers

Putting the magic back in to Chocolate Remember when having a box of chocolates was a real thrill?  The beautiful shapes, exotic tastes and smells, laid out like edible jewels, each one an explosion of taste. It’s very rare to fine that in these days of mass... read more

Silver Sparrow

New Summer Collection Scarves arrives at Silver Sparrow! The Sun is out and flowers are blooming everywhere. Roses and Lilies, Peonies and Dahlias we have captured the exquisiteness of them all. To see the latest floral designs check our floral print scarves. Silver... read more

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