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I would like to introduce you to Windows to the World a Glossy online style Magazine we search the web to find Collaborators who wish to showcase their products.

Please feel free to search through Windows to the World this experience will introduce you to brands that you will not find in many normal retail outlets and introduce you to these through editorial articles, endorsements, readers’ offers, discount offers, and more.

Read on below to enjoy our glittering global retail experience.

Editors Message

Message from Creator and Designer Anna Dempsey

annadempseyWindows to the World is our showcase presenting our Collaborators, bringing you that beautiful object and piece of design that is hard to find in the most usual places.   We discovered and felt that the time had come to create a journalistic based platform that helped the shopper find that unique and exclusively well designed High Quality Product we are all searching for.

Windows to the World enables us to talk about, endorse and describe clearly the products and give some information about their creators. We hope this will encourage you not only to read about them but to click through to purchase on our Beyond the Galleries sales site where we have streamlined the e commerce shopping experience to allow you the discerning shopper to find that object you are looking for in the easiest and quickest way, whilst enjoying a rich panoply of artistic and well produced design products.

We are increasing the ranges constantly and through the offers we have available today and in the future please let me encourage you to register with us to get news of all our offers from our collaborators in the lead up to Christmas 2015.

We will constantly be changing the articles and offers on this site so keep an eye on Windows to the World for a glittering global retail experience – Welcome to Our Windows to the World.

Best wishes

Anna Dempsey

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Offers & Competitions

Louloubelle Skincare – Offer

Offer on

LouLouBelle London’s amazing Palmarose & Patchouli Hydrating

Moisturiser for Dry Skin is available now at £24.95 for 50ml click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries


The Amplifiying Tablet Stand on Offer

The Offer:

A reader offer of the Maple iWood-AMP at a special price of just £39 + postage reduced from £45. This is available as an offer till the end of 2015.

The Company:

The iPad stand that amplifies sound just by using hand crafted wood!

This curved echo-box allows the resonating sound waves to bounce off any hard surface the iWood-amp is placed on, amplifying them like a gramophone horn. The curve forces the sound waves into the room, so that as if by magic, your iPad almost doubles in volume!!

Space Grill

Space Grill – Anna Dempsey Presents Windows To The World
UK pre launch offer on the New Space Grill 10% off pre-launch purchase on Beyond the Galleries – Click through to obtain offer code and purchase on Beyond

The Original Orkney Hamper Company

A Taste of the Highlands bought to your Kitchen

The Original Orkney Hamper Company was born 18 years ago.

“We became aware that the quality of food & drink produce that we enjoyed here in Orkney would appeal to a larger market place via mail order. Tourists who visited our islands comments included the lack of supply of certain items with cheese and oatcakes being the most popular, out with Orkney. This was the conception of The Original Orkney Hamper Company.” George Loudon

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English Utopia – The Design Dream of One Man

Ex Head of Design for Barbour Gary Newbold Joins Anna Dempsey Designs this Autumn 2015

A new label inspired by the English countryside goes by the name English Utopia, based in Harrogate and set up by Gary Newbold who came up with the name after long deliberation to find something that really reflected what he wanted to do.

Gary has put his skills as a fashion designer and ex Head of Design for Barbour to use.

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Swag and Tassel – The Story

The Ultimate Luxury British Handbag

Swag and Tassel has just joined Beyond the Galleries and is a luxury British handbag and accessories label that pays homage to individuality and creativity. By using antique & vintage carpets and hand selected leathers we have created an exciting juxtaposition between old and new.

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CJ WildLife

A lifeline to Birds in the Expected Cold Winter 2015

As we approach Autumn and the inevitable forecast cold winter courtesy of El Nino, Beyond the Galleries and Windows to the World introduce you to CJ WildBird Foods in our Outdoors & Pets Section of Beyond the Galleries.

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Maquien Design – The Lady Mary Jacket

A New Production for the New Downton Abbey Series Autumn 2015

As autumn closes in and we all line up in front of our televisions for another enthralling series of Downton Abbey, Maquien have come up with a new product development to honour the new Series : The Lady Mary Jacket.

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Prepare yourself for Winter 2015 with Beyond the Galleries

“Britain braced for long, snowy winter as strongest El Nino since 1950 expected”

As we read in the newspapers of the growing warnings of the cold winter ahead, we at Anna Dempsey Designs & Beyond the Galleries are already on the look- out for the right item to see you through the coming months.

These are the headlines of this week but do not fear we have a wonderful set of items for purchase on Beyond the Galleries to ward off any Winter Chill.

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Zouf . Biz

The Best of France – bought direct to your door

A native of Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital, Elodie Gontard has lived in London for more than 15 years. She wants to make the French “art de vivre” more accessible to discerning customers who are familiar with French speciality products or who would like to discover what they have to offer. As Zouf.biz source only from small artisan producers, these products are generally unavailable in the United Kingdom.

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Every competitor has to look their best in all weathers for the Top Competition. Maquien are well aware of this fact, in the Tailored Commissioned All Wool Jackets that they produce for Top Competition Riders, to look their best on the Great Day. Maquien are able to produce most of the traditional riding jacket designs especially for Dressage where Style is Everything and the Elegant Cut is shown off to its best as Horse and Rider execute their movements.

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