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I would like to introduce you to Windows to the World a Glossy online style Magazine we search the web to find Collaborators who wish to showcase their products.

Please feel free to search through Windows to the World this experience will introduce you to brands that you will not find in many normal retail outlets and introduce you to these through editorial articles, endorsements, readers’ offers, discount offers, and more.

Read on below to enjoy our glittering global retail experience.

Editors Message

Message from Creator and Designer Anna Dempsey

Windows to the World is our showcase presenting our Collaborators, bringing you that beautiful object and piece of design that is hard to find in the most usual places.   We discovered and felt that the time had come to create a journalistic based platform that helped the shopper find that unique and exclusively well designed High Quality Product we are all searching for.

Windows to the World enables us to talk about, endorse and describe clearly the products and give some information about their creators. We hope this will encourage you not only to read about them but to click through to purchase on our Beyond the Galleries sales site where we have streamlined the e commerce shopping experience to allow you the discerning shopper to find that object you are looking for in the easiest and quickest way, whilst enjoying a rich panoply of artistic and well produced design products.

We are increasing the ranges constantly and through the offers we have available today and in the future please let me encourage you to register with us to get news of all our offers from our collaborators in the lead up to Christmas 2015.

We will constantly be changing the articles and offers on this site so keep an eye on Windows to the World for a glittering global retail experience – Welcome to Our Windows to the World.

Best wishes

Anna Dempsey

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Offers & Competitions

Shibumi Competition – Winner is Chosen

The Shibumi Competition Winner! We want to say a big thank you to all those who sent in their beautiful pictures of themselves in a Shibumi and we’d also like to announce the lucky winner as being Alison Sanderson! Please take a look at Alison’s winning... read more

International Purchase – Beyond the Galleries

If you would like to purchase from Beyond the Galleries and you live outside the UK, please go to our contacts page on Beyond the Galleries and place your order. We will contact you within 24 hours with Paypal Invoice and Delivery Date. In order to effect an efficient service internationally we prefer to deal direct on all sales outside the UK.

Please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries

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Julu – The Laundry Ladder

Autumn Offer to ward off the Winter Wet

Following a Summer of Success Julu Homes are making a Great Autumn Offer to all consumers on Beyond the Galleries of: Free delivery on all Julu Home Laundry Ladders till 31st December 2016. CODE: annajulu Please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries and when going through check out add in the Code annajulu for laundry made easy in the winter wet.

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Collaborators Articles

Fruit Tier – The Great Wedding Gift

In the Age Of Healthy Living Liven up your Life with Fruit Tier

Do you find there is never enough room in your fruit bowl? Do you know what fruit is in the bowl? Have you ever found fruit starting to go mouldy at the bottom of the bowl? Well, that was my fruit bowl until I decided the typical fruit bowl needed to change.

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Sargadelos Porcelain UK Ltd

Sargadelos Porcelain UK Ltd was founded by Cristina Fernandez-Chas, a UK based Galician, in 2015. With the approval and support from Sargadelos in Spain, she aims to introduce their beautiful products into the very competitive porcelain UK market and make them into a well-known brand.

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Planet Basket Launch in London – Black Friday

New London Home for Emily Readett Bayley and Planet Basket

The wicker rattan basket project which Emily Readett Bayley has called “operation PLANET BASKET” now has a permanent home in Notting Hill at 281 Portobello Road where the baskets share space with Wildash London’s beautiful sheep skin shearlings.

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Shibumi Shines Amongst Those Fantastic Beasts

Shibumi Found at European Premier of Those Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Shibumi shines amongst the stars once again. The Cardinal Red Nehru Jacket is worn by Sue Quinn, who poses ,with Georgette Turner, Locations Managers for the Film in front of the celebrated poster on November 18th at the European Premier in London.

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CJ Wildllife – Offer Advice on Feeding for Winter

Preparing for winter

For the next few months the big challenge facing our garden birds is a combination of falling temperatures and long nights that will increase their demand for food, and very short days in which to forage for dwindling supplies of natural food. Add in bad weather and the increased competition from birds that have moved in from much further north or east and it’s easy to understand how winter survival is so difficult.

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Emily Readett-Bayley – A Christmas Planned

Emily Readett-Bayley has plans for Christmas Shopping

Always a front runner Designer Emily Readett Bayley has the route for your Christmas Shopping planned. If you are looking for Log Baskets for the guaranteed warmth of your Christmas Hearth, then her NEW SHOP is where her log baskets have a permanent home, as she collaborates with WILDASH LONDON who have opened their first shop in collaboration with her at 12 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London W10.

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Martha Ellen at Beyond the Galleries

Have you discovered the real Martha Ellen for yourself?


Martha Ellen a recent introduction to Beyond the Galleries and Windows to the World is an intriguing brand with The Martha Ellen Philosophy, that is to make beautiful, quality clothes that merge tradition and culture with contemporary, wearable designs. These designs are conceived out of the Tenun Ikat weaving tradition of Jakata but modernized into a clothing style to appeal to a versatile demographic of 18 – 80. There is such flexibility in the classic design of British Designer Martha Nuttall that she can tweak her designs to flatter all age groups with her stunning offering of Tenun Ikat woven fabrics with their vibrant colours combinations.

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New Product Developement from Maquien – The Dog Coat

Handmade small Dog Coat for your Best Friend

Everyone knows that an “Englishmans best friend is his dog”. I do not think that maxim can be applied to men only. As this weekend is an all British Weekend we at Beyond the Galleries would like to celebrate this with the introduction of Maquien’s New Handmade Dog Coat a pure British product an ideal present for Christmas, for your Best Friend.

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CJ WILDLIFE – Advises On Feeding Birds in the Winter Months Ahead

Fuel the Birds through the Winter
Now that the autumn equinox is behind us we’ve entered the darker half of the year, when the days are shorter than the nights and temperatures reach annual lows. There is a brief lull in early October as birds and other wildlife make the most of the seasonal glut of fruits and seeds, but by the end of the month conditions will start to become more challenging.

Now that the autumn equinox is behind us we’ve entered the darker half of the year, when the days are shorter than the nights and temperatures reach annual lows. There is a brief lull in early October as birds and other wildlife make the most of the seasonal glut of fruits and seeds, but by the end of the month conditions will start to become more challenging.

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