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I would like to introduce you to Windows to the World a Glossy online style Magazine we search the web to find Collaborators who wish to showcase their products.

Please feel free to search through Windows to the World this experience will introduce you to brands that you will not find in many normal retail outlets and introduce you to these through editorial articles, endorsements, readers’ offers, discount offers, and more.

Read on below to enjoy our glittering global retail experience.

Editors Message

Message from Creator and Designer Anna Dempsey

annadempseyWindows to the World is our showcase presenting our Collaborators, bringing you that beautiful object and piece of design that is hard to find in the most usual places.   We discovered and felt that the time had come to create a journalistic based platform that helped the shopper find that unique and exclusively well designed High Quality Product we are all searching for.

Windows to the World enables us to talk about, endorse and describe clearly the products and give some information about their creators. We hope this will encourage you not only to read about them but to click through to purchase on our Beyond the Galleries sales site where we have streamlined the e commerce shopping experience to allow you the discerning shopper to find that object you are looking for in the easiest and quickest way, whilst enjoying a rich panoply of artistic and well produced design products.

We are increasing the ranges constantly and through the offers we have available today and in the future please let me encourage you to register with us to get news of all our offers from our collaborators in the lead up to Christmas 2015.

We will constantly be changing the articles and offers on this site so keep an eye on Windows to the World for a glittering global retail experience – Welcome to Our Windows to the World.

Best wishes

Anna Dempsey

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Offers & Competitions

Neals Yard Organic – Remedies Sale

Neal’s Yard Remedies SALE – Up to 40% off your shopping!


Beautiful Sale

Sale STARTS 3pm on Wed 21st September

Sale ENDS 8am on Fri 23rd September

20% off RRP on ALL products

*excludes Skincare Collections already discounted with PLU code “A”

*excludes NEW season Gift Range

* excludes Amaya Diffuser

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Julu – The Laundry Ladder

Autumn Offer to ward off the Winter Wet

Following a Summer of Success Julu Homes are making a Great Autumn Offer to all consumers on Beyond the Galleries of: Free delivery on all Julu Home Laundry Ladders till 31st December 2016. CODE: annajulu Please click through to purchase on Beyond the Galleries and when going through check out add in the Code annajulu for laundry made easy in the winter wet.

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Maquien  Summer  Sale Offer

Maquien Sale of the Turquoise Check Long Jacket

Turquoise Check Long Jacket

Retail Price was £189.00 NOW ON SALE AT: £135.00

The Turquoise Check Long Jacket is a stunning long Jacket in 100% Pure New Wool Turquoise with a gold and deep pink overcheck. Fully lined in soft wine colour. Two pockets, and two buttons to fasten. Classic styling, a fab no fuss easy fit Jacket. Long, perfect to wear over layers for Winter. Stunning with dark jeans and white shirt.

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Collaborators Articles

Martha Ellen – Re-invents

British Designer Martha Ellen Nuttall is redesigning history in Indonesia with her handwoven ikat fashion design business.

In 2009, the British Designer Martha Nuttall was living in London and diligently working to establish herself in the advertising industry. But the creative-minded Nuttall knew she wanted something different.

“I didn’t want to work for somebody forever; I wanted to dictate my future,” she says at her boutique in South Jakarta. “Maybe there was something more than what was in front of me.”

Having already studied at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, Martha Nuttall decided that if she wanted to pursue a career in design, it was now or never. In 2009, at the age of 24, she quit her successful advertising job, enrolled in design school at ESMOD Jakarta, moved to Indonesia and never looked back.

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New Product Development from Claudio Lugli

New Autumn additions to Beyond the Galleries

Further to the Summer Collction Claudio lugli listed with us in 2016 we now have some new addtions. Please see above and read on for the History of the brand.

Let us introduce you to the world of Claudio Lugli. Globally renowned as one of the leading designers for creating inspirational garments with extremely innovative cutting and intricate detailing, Claudio’s unique designs are inspired by his travels around Italy in the 1990’s. Impressed by the impeccable tailoring and classically timeless styles, Claudio returned to the UK destined to create his own range. This family-run business has been established since 1998 and has been making waves across the British shirt industry ever since.

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Emily Readett Bayley’s Earths Baskets – An Autumn Offering

As Autumn Approaches Harvest Apples and Store Logs in Earth’s Baskets

The strongest , greenest, multi -purpose baskets on the planet

As Autumn approaches the storage of logs and harvesting of Apples, Pumpkins and other fruits become a priority. The storage of all of these is a problem no more with Earth’s baskets and these can be seen and bought on Beyond the Galleries. If you read below you will see why these Earth’s Baskets are such a great offering:

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Julu – The Laundry Ladder

Autumn Offer to ward off the Winter Wet

Friends since the age of nine, both farmers’ daughters, having gone to school together, Julia and Lucie have made dens, mud pies, partied, been members of the local YFC to mention just a few! Now both in their late 40’s they have got together and created Julu, which promises to bring you new innovative products which they hope will revolutionise the way you look at your domestic problem solving, the first of which is the ‘Laundry Ladder’.

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Maquien Macho Men’s Jacket

Maquien Macho Men’s Jacket

Maquien New Product Developement – The Macho Men’s Jacket

Due to many requests when at Shows, where Maquien were asked “why didn’t they make a Jacket for men, as they did for ladies?”Eventually there was just no answer, so a men’s Jacket, aptly named ‘Macho’, was created by Maquien for Men.

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Summer Song from CJ Wildlife

Summer is on the Wing with CJ Wildlife

Summer is the season that seems to belong to invertebrates. From the smallest springtail, perhaps living its entire life in one clump of moss, to large, dashing dragonflies or painted lady butterflies that migrate over hundreds of miles, insects underpin ecosystems. They pollinate plants, recycle waste materials and act as food for other creatures, including birds and mammals. Invertebrates are an essential part of a thriving garden, so whatever your particular wildlife interest, encouraging the smallest life forms will probably help.

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With Wimbledon and Glastonbury with us now hopefully the sun is going to shine brightly this month but whatever the weather we have some lovely new products & great Summer Specials to brighten your day. So Visit our Shop on Beyond the Galleries :

23cm Blue Wooden Letters


Gold, Silver & White Numbers

6cm – £3.00, 12cm – £6.25

23cm – £12.75, 43cm – £35.00

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Official Space Grill Launch

The Official Launch of the Space Grill

For the first time publicly in the UK it will be possible this week to see the Official Launch of the Space Grill at Gardeners World Live at the NEC Birmingham. You can see this amazing Barbeque in operation for the first time in the UK and read below the attributes of the product and what makes it so distinctive from other products of its kind.

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Emily Readett Bayley’s – Earth Baskets Project

Emily Readett Bayley ‘s Earth’s Baskets Project – Rattan Wicker Baskets direct from the Borneo jungle

The strongest , greenest, multi -purpose baskets on the planet

Emily Readett Bayley Ltd has joined forces with the Katingan Project, a 100,000 hectare Eco System Restoration Concession in the Indonesian rainforest , to produce Rattan Wicker Baskets that can be used as Log Baskets, Collectors Baskets, Rattan Planters and multi-purpose Storage Baskets in and around the Home and Garden.

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Emily Readett-Bayley’s  POSH Salvage Furniture that is Saving the Rainforest

Teak that stands the Test of Time – Fill your House and Garden with Reclaimed Teak Tables

Fill your House and Garden with Reclaimed Teak Tables made from ancient salvaged teak rather than the inferior quality plantation hardwoods grown today.

The last of Emily Readett-Bayley’s garden tables , which include both dining tables and coffee tables made from this ancient timber are now for sale on Beyond the Galleries.

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Bird of Paradise – Swoops In for Spring 2016

New Product Development at Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise, Designer Karen has produced two new developments of Cashmere Designer Wear for the Summer for purchase on Beyond the Galleries. The Crew Neck Jumper and the Cashmere Cape both ideal additions to the Summer wardrobe in the changeable British Weather that we have. Great for Cool Summer evenings and at a good affordable price for cashmere products.

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